Author’s Career Progression

Hi guys, how are you doing? *Excited* This is BH speaking, guys, I already finished my Masters Degree in Public Administration. (Perhaps the Professors took pity on me. lol) Remember this blog post? Career Hesitancy? Guess what, I already got a job and now I am studying Law. Yeeey, Just Excited to update everyone. It … Continue reading Author’s Career Progression

How to choose the right Fraternity

In behalf of thousands of fraternities and sororities around the world, I would like to share some experience on how to choose the right fraternity. There are hundreds and thousands of fraternities out there in locals and international. Fraternity in my country is synonymous to the word violence and why is that so? Because from … Continue reading How to choose the right Fraternity

Career Hesitancy

It’s been a month since I graduated from a prestigious school with a degree in IT with awards in Thesis and Internship. Way back while I was in my junior year in college I took a Professional Examination, It was an examination given to professionals for an added credential and a requirement to have a … Continue reading Career Hesitancy