Kayangan Lake: A Hidden Paradise

If you would ask me if I love to travel alone I’ll be glad to say yes, I love going to places particularly areas on my bucket list. I am already working now so that makes it hard for me to update my blogs but what my work status allowed me to travel places. And one of those place is here, a Hidden Paradise.

 photo 20160830_091503_zpsq53nqmzv.png

This place is called Kayangan Lake of Coron, Palawan; one among the thousands of islands situated in the Philippines. It is a 1 day travel by boat from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Upon reaching Coron I can’t tell you how much a boat costs from Coron to this lake since we used our own rubber boat just to reach this wonderful destination.

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Upon reaching this place you’ll be welcomed by natives of the area and a small fee around 300Php that is more or less 7USD, a small hike towards the lake and boom, you will witness a hidden paradise deprived from civilization, unharmed, so clean and peaceful. It is a perfect place to unwind and be one with nature.

 photo Creek_zpsygimtqai.png

I spent a lot swimming around viewing the underwater scene.  Everything is just worth it.


Blogging Tips: Chapter 2 (The ABC of Blogging)

Have you ever tried to speak in public but you can’t keep track on what you are trying to convey? As if your brain is overflowing with ideas so your words are mixed up and ended up as a failure?

The same thing goes to writing, when writing a content or Blog, see to it you are still within the scope of your topic and the whole content should not go beyond the supposed discussion.

Regardless of what topic you will be creating, there are three points you need to consider in delivering your thoughts. And these are the ABCs of Blogging.


A for Attention:

This portion is the opening of your content. In other writing you may compare this to an introduction. You may start this portion with a background on what you’re trying to convey regarding your topic or you could also ask a question that will be answered on the later part of your content.

B for Body:

This area contains the entire content of your topic; you will be discussing your thought here which is relevant to your Attention. There are several types of content writing but let’s stick first on the basics so you could build your foundation before proceeding to succeeding topics.

NOTE: Your body needs to support the Attention you relayed and these needs to sustain the message from you Attention or answer the question which you asked from the beginning.

C for Conclusion:

Definitely, in this area, just like the word itself, it wraps up everything from start to finish. In here you’ll summarize your main points which you mentioned prior to conclusion. As such, keep these are brief and concise since this will be the ending.

In addition, parting with your readers could either encourage them to act according to your message or you could ask them again the same question you asked from the beginning of you content.

Education that led to Rebellion


When you heard the word Rebellion, What is the first thing that comes into your mind? Terrorism? Radicals? Or Extremists? During my early years in High School, when I heard the word Rebellion, it meant deliberately neglecting my parent’s guidance, but those thoughts changed when I ventured into college.

When I was in college, I then knew that Rebellion has its own degree and category based on an individual’s point of view or how these individual’s perceive the word Rebellion. A child’s manifestation of rebellion could mean not paying attention towards a child’s environment after being deprived of their want.

Second, in a teenage mindset, it could possibly lead them into skipping classes, walk out in the middle of conversation with their parents and worst if it led to drug addiction. And finally, in an adult/professional point of view, Rebellion could mean sedition, mutiny or movement against their own government.

However Rebellion doesn’t exist unless there is a cause or an objective why Rebellion takes place. Let’s not get into too much detail and let’s narrow our thoughts into Rebellion against a certain government. According to our Professor, there are two factors why Rebels exist. Rebellion based on Poverty and Rebellion based on Intellect.

Rebellion based on Poverty:

Individuals coming from poor family background are less fortunate to attend to school and avail privileges of a good quality of education. Once an individual are deprived from education, they see people with intellect more superior that them. Another thing is when these less educated individuals encounter such abusive people with intellect they are lured towards comfort and special benefits being promised by the latter and just being used for their own interests. In the Philippines, these less educated individuals are paid PHP 10,000 (217 USD) to die for these type of people. And I came into realization that I’d rather die with an empty stomach rather than to deprive my future kids with good education.

Rebellion based on Intellect:

I am just wondering how these militant leaders fight a government with highly sophisticated equipments from barren and remote areas. And when I read some articles about these leaders, I felt amazed yet sad about their background. Some of which are rich individuals who even possessed huge companies and had lived a life in luxury. Others even excel in school as top notch in their respective fields and some are even professors in various institutions. But why are these brilliant people capable of leading rebels and fight even their own government? It’s simply because they see some fault that ordinary citizens aren’t aware and one thing that bothers me are their ideology. When they see there is a better government organization than that of their own government which they reviewed thoroughly through knowledge acquisition and research they try to create a faction to force the government towards their ideology and belief.

That’s why education for me is like a sword with blades on both sides that could either lead you to positivity or otherwise. In support to these, education plays a vital role in our daily activities particularly in perceiving the norm. we might challenge it someday according to our own logical thinking and ideology. So before we judge these individuals, we have to understand first their background. What are they fighting for, their objectives as well as their belief.

Rather than facing them head-on and using violence, we should negotiate with them in a civil and educated manner.

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Blogging Tips: Chapter 1 (About Me)

When starting to communicate with your readers; first and foremost is to build trust and credibility. And one way to get that credibility is by telling them something about yourself, skills you possess and anything about you as if selling yourself to the market.

Your reader’s impression reflects on how you present yourself through writing, which reflects your personality even from behind the monitor. That’s when credibility builds up.

If you want to strengthen the trust, the least you could do is state some personal thoughts about yourself, the concept in that is you trusted your readers with a bit of your personal stuff therefore in return they’ll pay you back the trust you gave them.

Since it is your debut in writing, there is no specific rule in creating this topic, just let everything flow out of your mind. Remember the two words, Trust and Credibility.

How to come up with a story for a book on Wattpad.

This is a guide for those who are still confused on how to create a story/Book for Wattpad.


You have to think of a genre for you story first. There are several major types of genre like Romance, Historical, Spiritual, Horror and most likely books are somehow similar with movies. Books too have Drama, Action, Sci-Fi you name it. It’s all in there. You just have to choose what kind of story you’ll be focusing with.

What Genre would you choose?
What Genre would you choose?

So with that you will be able to narrow the scope of your story now, Instead of having all types of stories in one you are now focused a single scope. Let’s have an example, let’s choose Romance for example, everybody loves Romance right?

Having a Romance genre is still broad. Why? I’ll explain it soon when we go further.


We were able to pick from various types of Books and decide to have Romance as our GENRE, so GREAT.

So what’s next? It has to be the setting. Why? Because the setting is where your created world would be, where things would happen in your story.

What kind of Romantic Setting you will choose? Would you like a Romeo and Juliet story, Historical romance setting during the time of Robin Hood or a modern romance?

Where would it be? What Era?
Where would it be? What Era?

Let’s say we’ll pick a Historical Romance way back during the time of Greek Gods and Goddesses. See the picture now?

But it’s all up to you; it’s how you feel the environment. Imagine yourself being the character you will be creating, the place where your romance would be.


We have our GENRE already Romance, and the Setting is in History about 545 B.C.

Show the world how incredible your story is.
Show the world how incredible your story is.

In this phase you narrowed a broad concept of creating a book, we now proceed to the story. The story is the main focus of your book of course; you have to come up with a story base on what you feel like.

I created a book on Wattpad; it’s a Romance Book during my high school years yet I added some crisp to make it more fascinating.

How about you? Did you have disappointments regarding your love life? Write it. Did you have a happy ever after High School or College then share it to the world, You are the master of your book as if you are the creator of a world and you dictate characters on what to do, where to go and what to feel.

It’s either a tragedy or a happy ever after.


Please don’t tell me you’ll be placing Rambo in our Romantic Book, HELL NO! We have to come up of a character that matches the GENRE, SETTING and the STORY.

I should be Realistic somehow, Duh?
I should be Realistic somehow, Duh?


It’s a Romance Genre, with a Historical setting and a happy ever after. Ok, Noted. Okay then let’s choose a Female this time.

A Character needs to have traits and information just like the Author has; you a name, a family background and all, so should our character.

Let’s give her a name. She would be Althea Breannicus or Althea the Priestess; a common name during the time of Greek Mythology. She lived a few acres across the city of Greece and her father and mother are both servants to the Temple of Zeus, that’s a family background.

She’s a tall and slender woman, her hair is smooth as a golden ornament representing the elegance of beauty of the Gods, her eyes as deep as the winter chill reflecting the light of the moon with her lips enlightened a crimson blood with nose every women would like to possess.

Can you imagine her beauty now? We just created a character. You can also add, despite her being a gifted goddess of mankind she had a bad-temper towards men and a pale face that seldom smile in front of the crowd.

With that you can easily predict her attitude as a self centred woman and a man-hater. She had bad experience with men I guess.


So after having all those mentioned above; GENRE, SETTING, STORY, CHARACTER. In this part you need to be creative, every one of us have a unique talent for everything. Somehow or somewhere deep within us we are creatively gifted.

Don't imitate someone's work, Be Creative.
Don’t imitate someone’s work, Be Creative.

Use your creativity. Stand out. Make a story that’s not predictable.

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Farewell to a Beloved Friend

Peace and Blessings Royal,

You just don’t know how broken I am right now, When you and your sibling was born I was so happy at what God gave me.

I know I wasn’t there much when you grew up, I wasn’t able to watch you grow since I was not here.

But when I came; You showed me love. I never thought of you one day leaving me, So I loved you back the way you loved me.

We share the same food as I do, We hang out sometimes, We don’t speak the same language

but we understand one another’s thought, At times when I feel down and lonely; you were there clinging to me gesturing that everything’s gonna be okay.

I hope I was a good friend to you, Never will I treat you as my pet. I am not your owner, as I know; One day you will return to your rightful owner. You just came to me and showed what love is.

Honestly, I am so broken and I feel so much grief in me right now. I am not yet ready for you to leave so sudden,

I am hoping you will be among the creations of God roaming around paradise and be with your Grandmother and other siblings.

I will really miss you Royal, I will really do.

I love you.

(A message to my Cat pet Royal)

You could be their source of income

Even humans can be a source of profit and boost a country’s economic status.

Commonly we always here commercial sex cases, child labourers, sex slaveries and much worst is the extraction of organs from a human body. And we have to face the fact that these kind of business exist in the Philippines.

Let me explain to you how does human trafficking works and narrowing the distance, let’s take a look at Philippines.

You could be their source of income

Child Labours – You heard about children missing from different parts of the country and these children belong from different ages or to be exact underage.

• They [traffickers] believe at the young age the body of children are tough and still on the process of growth. Thus, with the use of these children they can manipulate the wage and exert violence to these poor children just to make their “supposed” work done for them either be mining, fishing or any sort of rigorous physical activity.

These children are being smuggled immunizing international borders without the use of passports and just by using “slip-ons” [Paying people who are assign to watch over borders and immigrants], these poor children are products of international trade.

• In some parts of the world, Children are trafficked for the sole purpose of training them for military insurgency and inculcate in their minds violence and warfare like the abduction of children in Uganda by Kony.

With these they are trained to deceive fellow children to join them and or in other case invite their fellow children who would be victims of kidnappings and the source of ransom and profit for their cause/group.

• Even at the young age children are being abducted and forced to be sex-slaves and sold equal to a dog’s price forcing them to become prostitutes and other forms of heinous sexual activities.

Pedophiles are scattered all over the country, offering children toys, dolls and sweet candies and more so inviting them to a house full of delusional toys and candies. so with these words, children are attracted and in worst case they are already in the spider web of these child traffickers.

• People living in some rural areas believe that children who are ripped opened in which organs are missing believed to be the work of the supernatural beings like “aswang“, “manananggal” and other forms alike. well in some cases these beliefs are false. Other cases are allegedly the work of traffickers who extracts children’s organs and sell it to those rich families in need of donors of the victim’s organs.

As a parent or even a responsible citizen you should keep an eye of children around you, we can’t say and be at ease that our children are safe. Even there are law enforcers around us these traffickers are all over the place and not to mention they can even exert effort to go to rural areas for the sake of profits. So don’t let you children and young ones in your family out of your sight. Be careful, they [traffickers] are watching.

You could be their source of income

Sex Trafficking – In our discussion regarding children, most of them are victims of organs extraction and force labors. While on sex trafficking, this sector focuses on a wide scale predominantly women as a whole, though some cases pertain to males but in larger scope females are the ones who are victims of these trafficking.

Homeless individuals are lenient to opportunities that bite the bait immediately when being oriented and promised for a brighter future. Of course who wouldn’t leave in an area of slum?

In some cases marriages, future educations and business partnerships are the main cards of the traffickers. When these victims reach their destination, customers also called “Johns” are ready to purchase the products [trafficked women] and with that a single women can gather a large sum of money within a day alone without the existence of tax and other government imposed monetary process.

• Youth particularly runaway teenagers who thought of living a life away from parents due to rebellion and other unwanted family problems caused traffickers to target these category of women within the society. They are negotiated to “work now and pay later” but the mere fact they are sold to “Johns”.

In short definition of “Johns”; It is a name called to people who are psychologically ill, intense porn users, corrupt law enforcers, rapist and males belong from different socio-economic backgrounds who doesn’t think where these females came from for as long as they satisfy their lust it damn good enough for them [Johns].

• Job seekers are also the victims of sex trafficking. Hotel servants, restaurant waitresses or service maids were in fact are masked lies used by these traffickers to deceive females wanting for a job either to sustain their living or support their families.

Due to dire circumstances some females are forced to commit these heinous acts against their will. You may also ask, why are there females working in bars and disco clubs?

Yes it’s true because some of them are in debt and others thought of doing these activities for a temporary basis yet once they are in the industry they can no longer escape unless they rather choose a crook path yet dignified but with the mindset of these females especially the norms of the women base of social status they wanted to become rich immediately and so these will be the outcome.

Tourists who are unfamiliar of the territories they are visiting are also the victims of traffickers, traffickers approach these victims and would introduce themselves as a tour guide or a travelling agent that would cater their [tourists] visiting needs. In fact these strangers are among the scum who partake profits in trafficking women. There is a movie entitled “Taken” and followed by “Taken 2” starred by Liam Neeson, in some way the concept of the movie is about human trafficking and sex slavery.

Kidnap victims if not ransomed by their families will occur in sex trafficking, Some “John” would hire kidnappers for the sake of selling these girls to an open auction in a bidding process just like any other selling product in the market and that would be another sum in their bank accounts.

• And who would think even drug addicts are victims of these trafficking? The fact that these addict’s sole purpose is to attain their pleasure using drugs [varies in any form of drug].

So some of the traffickers would offer these drugs to them [drug addicts] and when they are in the state of disorient or unconscious they will sell the victims to “Johns”.

 You could be their source of income

Sex Trafficking and the use of Technology- You may or may not believe that social networking site like Facebook, Twitters and other sites are the medium used by Johns for sex trafficking?

In one way or another, the use of these social networks helps these traffickers to facilitate victims in a wider scope within a short period of time and let these victims meet Johns over the internet and schedule them of a heinous activity like sex or other commercial sex activity.

Under the influence of drugs these women are exposed to “Pay-per-view” sites all over the world as a wide broadcast of pornography to different categories of viewers and gather huge sum of money by these kind of activity. In addition, sites have also process of scheduling women to meet Johns as stated in the previous discussion.

Pages of women photos with respective amounts are not impossible if the mindsets of these criminals are profits. So with just a few amount of dollars that  lets your eyes spark in brilliance would most likely to be advertisements and “modus-operandis” used by traffickers to attract more victims, lines like “Work now pay later” or “No VISA and Placement Fee needed” would just be your bridge to become a victim.

So be vigilant and remember what your mom always reminds you while you are still a child “Stay away from strangers”

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