Lessons From Marawi (Book Review)


            The Battle in Marawi is one of the longest encounters by the AFP after the World War II which lasted for five (5) months for the purpose of re-capturing the city which was led by Emir vested to the Southeast Asia by the Al-Qaeda, Isnilon Hapilon, which is also the leader of hundreds of … Continue reading Lessons From Marawi (Book Review)


The never-ending war in Mindanao

It’s been a month since we’ve reported in front of deliberation board and among the questions thrown at me was, “what do you think is the reason for this non-stop war and terrorism particularly in the southernmost part of the Philippines?” Let’s get things straight, I knew all along before facing the board that I … Continue reading The never-ending war in Mindanao

Preparing for the Big One

The Philippines as we all know is already a prone natural disaster country as what we experienced for the past few years which devasted a massive area of the land. Through this experiences; the JCI Manila spearheaded and conducted an exercise which was participated by various government agencies especially from the Armed Forces of the … Continue reading Preparing for the Big One

Attacked U.N Headquarters admitted by Militants on Twitter

Mogadishu, Somalia - U.N. Headquarters in Somalia Capital of Mogadishu on Wednesday has been attacked by the group Al-Qaeda. "Approximately 14 Died, 15 Wounded, 7 Militants: 4 U.N. Employees and 3 Female Civilians were killed while others are rushed to the hospital." - Abdikarim Hussein Guled, (Country's interior and national security minister.) A militant group linked … Continue reading Attacked U.N Headquarters admitted by Militants on Twitter

Mind Speak: Vladimir Putin vs Barack Obama

Russian President Vladimir Putin disagrees on Obama's decision in supplying the rebel armies in Syria and by calling them "People who eat another man's flesh after killing them". He said that after a wide circulated video regarding the latter's act. Upon knowing the issue about hitting the red line by the President of Syria, Obama … Continue reading Mind Speak: Vladimir Putin vs Barack Obama

Barack Obama willing to supply rebels in Syria

Syria has always been a place for lovely citizens and home of civilization centuries ago, not until the their Syrian president Bashar started an all out war against Muslims as well as its citizens. Media as we all know is not accurate at times when editing and deceiving is their purpose, they can always announce … Continue reading Barack Obama willing to supply rebels in Syria

Edward Snowden: Another Chess pawn?

“Then there should be another sacrificial lamb to an excuse to expand the reason behind the Act to cover up the mess done by the people sitting in the White Chair.” ~akja Anyway I respect his courage to speak against the abuse of the government. I am now wondering after I saw the video, what … Continue reading Edward Snowden: Another Chess pawn?