Public Fiscal Administration

What is Public Fiscal Administration (PFA)? Why is it necessary to study it? In your present job or organization where you belong, how could you use what you have learned in PFA to bring new ideas? Give at least three (3) examples. Public Fiscal Administration is the act of managing incoming and outgoing monetary transactions and … Continue reading Public Fiscal Administration


The 3 Minute Blog

There are actually moments when we ( I will include myself ) are out of ideas on what to write on our blog and at some point we are forced not to or decide to create a post some other time that actually disrupts our blogging schedules. Today I'm going to share with you some of my … Continue reading The 3 Minute Blog

Military Conscription in the Philippines?

I’ve been reading a Manga about how an Emperor named Zheng unified China of Qin Dynasty and raised China under a single banner, it’s a bit ambitious but in modern times like today it’s called military conscription. It is a strategy used by countries a long time ago to build large army ready to be … Continue reading Military Conscription in the Philippines?

Target Audience of your Blog

We've discussed already several factors that will affect your blog and slowly but surely we can do this. Another thing you have to consider is your target audience, you already knew what to do prior to conveying it to the world but knowing who to talk to is another story to cover up. Your target … Continue reading Target Audience of your Blog

Blogging Tips: Chapter 3 (Types of Blog)

Trying to decide on what type of blog you are creating? Well, most of the bloggers have two types of blog. You will either choose between being an informative and a persuasive one. Let’s not waste our time and let’s differentiate where you will be lining up with your blog. First, what is an informative … Continue reading Blogging Tips: Chapter 3 (Types of Blog)

Short Story: The Value of Life

Ajaytao:While I was in my high school years I was invited to a gathering of pious people, they shared stories during 6pm until 7pm. More of their stories was about self-encouragement and motivational stories. If you don't mind I really made this post just for you. :)One day an ill person named Edward (well just … Continue reading Short Story: The Value of Life

Assad Regime will remain in the position. Know why…

Since the gathering of the G-8 Summit begun, A Russian diplomat says the condition whether the President of Syria will step down from his seat isn't decided yet despite of the peace settlement of the Giants.From the said meeting all the Leaders had an agreement not to decide yet on the matter regarding the outcome … Continue reading Assad Regime will remain in the position. Know why…

College Heirarchy

I was on a fast food restaurant counting sheep jumping over the fence. OH NO! wait, I was eating this dessert and I saw students walk fast some do run. About 2:5 of them are always in a hurry. What's wrong with this guys. Then my phone beeps. "Waaa. College so terrible. Bla Bla" I just thought … Continue reading College Heirarchy