Tagaytay, Philippines Trip amidst the Pandemic (Health Protocols Observed)

Hi guys! it's the moment of my life that I've decided to have a stable family of my own and yes I am now married. We were just about to have a transient vacation in Manila, Philippines but was held by this pandemic. It was actually a blessing in disguise since we haven't had our … Continue reading Tagaytay, Philippines Trip amidst the Pandemic (Health Protocols Observed)


Conquering Mount Pulag

It was just a suggestion of a friend of mine until it became a challenge and dared fellow friends to conquer the second highest mountain in the Philippines (Well, that's what the DENR representative said during the orientation before climbing) So we coordinated with Kuya Adams (I don't know his full name but I can … Continue reading Conquering Mount Pulag

The Accidental Davao Tour


I was supposed to attend a conference in Davao but it was canceled by the company and instead of wasting the tickets we already bought; my Boss told me to use it and have a glimpse of Davao City. I was fetched from the airport by one of the company's drivers and drove me around … Continue reading The Accidental Davao Tour

Kayangan Lake: A Hidden Paradise

If you would ask me if I love to travel alone I'll be glad to say yes, I love going to places particularly areas¬†on my bucket list. I am already working now so that makes it hard for me to update my blogs but what my work now allowed me to travel places. And one … Continue reading Kayangan Lake: A Hidden Paradise