Solo Learn (Python for Beginners): Sum of Consecutive Numbers

Sum of Consecutive Numbers No one likes homework, but your math teacher has given you an assignment to find the sum of the first N numbers. Let’s save some time by creating a program to do the calculation for you! Take a number N as input and output the sum of all numbers from 1 … Continue reading Solo Learn (Python for Beginners): Sum of Consecutive Numbers


Solo Learn (Python for Beginners): BMI Calculator

Tracking your BMI is a useful way of checking if you’re maintaining a healthy weight. It’s calculated using a person's weight and height, using this formula: weight / height²The resulting number indicates one of the following categories:Underweight = less than 18.5Normal = more or equal to 18.5 and less than 25Overweight = more or equal to 25 and less … Continue reading Solo Learn (Python for Beginners): BMI Calculator

Solo Learn (Python for Beginners): Tip Calculator

Variables: When you go out to eat, you always tip 20% of the bill amount. But who’s got the time to calculate the right tip amount every time? Not you that’s for sure! You’re making a program to calculate tips and save some time. Your program needs to take the bill amount as input and … Continue reading Solo Learn (Python for Beginners): Tip Calculator

Gaming Chair Giveaway

Get a Chance to WIN Gamdias Achilles E1_L Gaming Chair (Black/White). 1. Click on the Actual pic of Spotless on the link: Spotless of VanRO Ragnarok Online 2. Give a Heart Reaction ♥ to Spotless ONLY. Only Heart reaction is counted. 3. Tag 5 Friends to give Heart Reactions too for you to be qualified. 4. Share … Continue reading Gaming Chair Giveaway

What I do outside blogging?

Let's get things straight, I don't want to be selfish and I just want to share what I do outside this online journal of mine. I do graphic designs when I don't feel like writing and it adds few bucks earned from skills and talents. I would like to share with you a site called … Continue reading What I do outside blogging?

Pokemon came and Pokemon GO

“Everything in this world is uncertain; the only two things we are certain are death and change” We are living in a fast and growing environment where change is inevitable. The world as we all know it is in a fast-changing community where technology is like a shadow chased by its owner. Individuals have their own … Continue reading Pokemon came and Pokemon GO

Facebook talents facing different directions.

Josh Williams and Tim Van Damme; two of the talents working for Facebook had finally come to say goodbye to the social network titan. Josh Williams who worked for Facebook is the co-founder of Gowalla and also Instagram's designer was acquired by the company in 2011. Are you familiar with Pages, Events and Locations in … Continue reading Facebook talents facing different directions.

Samsung integrates Android with cool devices, Galaxy NX and ATIV Q

Samsung had been on the Mainstream for years now, They introduced galaxy S and other world class Androids and that includes the recent Samsung Galaxy S4. So are you familiar with Androids? Or do you own a device which is integrated with an Android? In London press conference today, Samsung unveiled two new products that … Continue reading Samsung integrates Android with cool devices, Galaxy NX and ATIV Q

Paravelo: Welcome to the world of Flying Bikes

Televisions, Cinemas and other movies we saw already have flying vehicles as what they expect to the upcoming generations to come, Is this really possible? Have you ever thought of moving from a bumper to bumper traffic? Like you wanted to have a flying vehicle and just pass through the line? It all sums up … Continue reading Paravelo: Welcome to the world of Flying Bikes

Butterfly S Phablet and Desire 600 this Summer (Asia Only)

As smartphone in every company keeps popping out, HTC won't just sit back and relax. In this summer HTC is expected to launch its two smartphones but sorry to say it will only be in Asia. 5-Inch Butterfly S Specifications: • Android Jelly Bean • Quad-core, 1.9-GHz Snapdragon 600 • Massive 3,200 mAh high-capacity battery … Continue reading Butterfly S Phablet and Desire 600 this Summer (Asia Only)