Who are the devils in the holy month?

“When the Holy month of Ramadhan comes, the doors of Heaven are opened and the doors of Hell are closed as well as the devils are chained.” Indeed this statement is true in all over the Muslim world who observes fast in the holy month of Ramadhan. But, for those who are keen and observant … Continue reading Who are the devils in the holy month?


Mystery or Fake?

Mystery or Fake? It’s been quite a while since I encountered people talking about mystery and other unusual phenomenon like Magic, Illusions and Supernatural phenomenon. As we can see live from our televisions at home that Magic is an entertaining activity that gives us happiness while watching them (compared to kids when they see magic, … Continue reading Mystery or Fake?

The conversation about an unfair deal

Heard about Spells, Black Magic, Charms and other Ritual Incantations? These rituals and incantations had been practiced way back from history, from the Book of Genesis Eve and Adam. Surprised? You should be, a brief story about what happened in Heaven’s Garden during the very first creation of men in a religious point of view, … Continue reading The conversation about an unfair deal