Author’s Career Progression

Hi guys, how are you doing? *Excited* This is BH speaking, guys, I already finished my Masters Degree in Public Administration. (Perhaps the Professors took pity on me. lol) Remember this blog post? Career Hesitancy? Guess what, I already got a job and now I am studying Law. Yeeey, Just Excited to update everyone. It … Continue reading Author’s Career Progression


Lockdown Bloggers amidst the Corona Virus Outbreak

Amidst the Corona Virus outbreak, it's the opportune time that we bloggers and our other introvert friends are having a time of their life [Yeheeeeey]. The scent of brewed coffee in the morning, few sweat outs, thoughts for the next blog, books [Lots of them] that are pending and many many more. =) The Philippines … Continue reading Lockdown Bloggers amidst the Corona Virus Outbreak

The 4321 method of saving money

Piggy Banks are obsolete and the method isn’t advised by financial analysts. Boys loved to boast something like newly bought sports car or limited edition shoes and to some degree boast even their salaries. Most of my colleagues share their incomes to each other from time to time and how much they have on their … Continue reading The 4321 method of saving money

Blogging Tips: Chapter 1 (About Me)

When starting to communicate with your readers; first and foremost is to build trust and credibility. And one way to get that credibility is by telling them something about yourself, skills you possess and anything about you as if selling yourself to the market. Your reader’s impression reflects on how you present yourself through writing, … Continue reading Blogging Tips: Chapter 1 (About Me)

Farewell to a Beloved Friend

Peace and Blessings Royal, You just don't know how broken I am right now, When you and your sibling was born I was so happy at what God gave me. I know I wasn't there much when you grew up, I wasn't able to watch you grow since I was not here. But when I came; … Continue reading Farewell to a Beloved Friend

Career Hesitancy

It’s been a month since I graduated from a prestigious school with a degree in IT with awards in Thesis and Internship. Way back while I was in my junior year in college I took a Professional Examination, It was an examination given to professionals for an added credential and a requirement to have a … Continue reading Career Hesitancy