Author’s Career Progression

Hi guys, how are you doing? *Excited* This is BH speaking, guys, I already finished my Masters Degree in Public Administration. (Perhaps the Professors took pity on me. lol) Remember this blog post? Career Hesitancy? Guess what, I already got a job and now I am studying Law. Yeeey, Just Excited to update everyone. It … Continue reading Author’s Career Progression

5 reasons why you need to take Master’s Degree in Public Administration

Enhancing your Leadership and Management SkillsIn order to progress in any career, it is necessary to develop your leadership and management skills. A Master’s degree in Public Administration in the Philippines is a key requirement to attain high position in the governemnt. It is the degree of choice for people who want to advance their … Continue reading 5 reasons why you need to take Master’s Degree in Public Administration

Why I took a Masters in Public Administration

I took the Aptitude Test for law school but failed perhaps I wasn't meant to become a Lawyer. So here comes a colleague of ours who introduced a graduate school that will be taken after office hours. So for me, why not? We [some of my officemates] enrolled in Philippine Christian University an already studying … Continue reading Why I took a Masters in Public Administration

Preparing for the Big One

The Philippines as we all know is already a prone natural disaster country as what we experienced for the past few years which devasted a massive area of the land. Through this experiences; the JCI Manila spearheaded and conducted an exercise which was participated by various government agencies especially from the Armed Forces of the … Continue reading Preparing for the Big One

What I do outside blogging?

Let's get things straight, I don't want to be selfish and I just want to share what I do outside this online journal of mine. I do graphic designs when I don't feel like writing and it adds few bucks earned from skills and talents. I would like to share with you a site called … Continue reading What I do outside blogging?

From your Class President

First and foremost I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my classmates for giving their trust on me for handling a huge responsibility as your class president, I may not be as perfect as you thought I am but definitely I will strive to be of service to you. I wrote this letter … Continue reading From your Class President

Military Conscription in the Philippines?

I’ve been reading a Manga about how an Emperor named Zheng unified China of Qin Dynasty and raised China under a single banner, it’s a bit ambitious but in modern times like today it’s called military conscription. It is a strategy used by countries a long time ago to build large army ready to be … Continue reading Military Conscription in the Philippines?

The 4321 method of saving money

Piggy Banks are obsolete and the method isn’t advised by financial analysts. Boys loved to boast something like newly bought sports car or limited edition shoes and to some degree boast even their salaries. Most of my colleagues share their incomes to each other from time to time and how much they have on their … Continue reading The 4321 method of saving money