Having movie actors and actresses in Philippine politics? Are we in favor of this?

            Actors and Actresses have always been with the Political Entity of the Philippines even during the time of conquistadors and foreign occupations. It became a practice that fame and celebrities brought forth many allies and political friends.

            Going back to our constitution; there is no law prohibiting actors and actresses in running for a political position in our government, aside from their advantages of being famous like “Yorme” and “Pacman”, these celebrities can also be used for advertisements during campaign period and usually, what they portray in their film as show business personality are embedded in every Filipino’s minds. It just so disappointing that Pacman got a Degree in what? Three months’ time, imagine how many years students sacrificed just to earn a degree, yet someone from the high chair did what was unethical and beyond the norm (which is normal in the Philippines, if you have the means). Some say it was ALLEGEDLY cooked. But let’s just leave it that way. Let the people of the Philippines decide. But in my own opinion, a petty corruption such as bribery for a Degree results to a larger corruption if you will become a President.

            However, if Filipino voters will only rely and base their votes on these popularity of celebrities then there will be no progress, film industry and politics are way too different entities in governing a nation. Further, celebrities should be measured on how they govern a state or how they managed their own populace just like “Yorme of Manila”. We cannot just forget how a political candidate danced in the television, spammed his old movies in the TV and BOOM, we have a senator. (Mr. Budots)

            A classic example is Mayor Isko -though I am not a fan- is that he uses his talent and advertisements fees to fund his projects and programs. Also, since he (Mayor Isko) is famous, we could garner foreign and domestic aids to support his propaganda.           

            Despite of the celebrities not having a degree or graduates of political related courses, some of them are performing well as politicians. Nevertheless, Education is a very key factor in handling a governed state particularly formulation of laws and policies.

            Some uneducated individuals are easily dominated and manipulated by people who are educated since they believed these graduates – particularly alumni of ivy league schools- are very intelligent and know things beyond expected of a political consultant.

            We cannot just forget how advisers and consultants of the former President Estrada, he was once a film celebrity and run for Presidency and was ill-advised by his consultants to step down from being the President and was betrayed by his co-parties. He followed his trust on them until he was impeached by the same people who placed him in the Presidential seat.

            In the House of Representatives, brains and intellect is a must and you cannot use drama or action stunts to craft and debate laws during hearings or even delivering verdicts to individuals who are violators and delinquents. Fame alone is not sufficient.

I am not in favor. =)


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