A Unicameral or Bicameral Legislative Branch?

Bicameral Legislative Branch prevents the abuse of powers in unicameral laws, if there will be a unitary Legislative Branch, there will be no check and balances in accordance of formulating laws and governing the state to address citizens’ concern.

Laws in a Bicameral Legislative Branch can be passed more efficiently and effectively since there is another party who will scrutinize, check the proposed Laws of the other party and bills are somewhat debated in bicameral legislature.

In addition, it is also difficult for the executive branch and other branches of the government to dominate the two chambers. Also, the second chamber of the bicameral legislature reduces the work load of the upper houses particularly in the proposal of laws and amendments of the laws being proposed.

Further, the second chamber of bicameral legislature checks and prevents hasty and ill-considered passage of bills unlike in the case of a unicameral legislature and with regards to the protection of the interests of the minority, Bicameral Legislatures protect them.

Local communities are represented by their Representatives especially in the far flank areas those who are not reached by the central government. The local communities can relay their issues and concerns to those representatives that are within their populace so that these representatives can convey their people’s concerns to the higher house or the senate to formulate a law that would address their issues.

Bicameral Legislatures also results in division of labour in certain aspects of the functions performed by the legislature between the two legislative chambers. Therefore, Bicameral Legislatures create a room for more politically and administratively experienced people to be useful in the art of law making. The second chamber of bicameral legislature checks the excesses and guides against the tyranny or dictatorship of a one chamber. Therefore, the second chamber of a bicameral legislature corrects any faulty legislation coming from the first chamber.


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