Solo Learn (Python for Beginners): Flight Time

I’ve graduated decades ago so I am not updated on the latest trends and programming languages that emerged since Visual Basic, Turbo C, C++ and Java. I heard about this Python language and how user-friendly it is, so let’s try this new language and hopefully to finish the Beginners Course. For those of you who are planning to learn about Python, you can try Solo Learn, just search it up in the search engine.

So here’s the problem:

You need to calculate the flight time of an upcoming trip. You are flying from LA to Sydney, covering a distance of 7425 miles, the plane flies at an average speed of 550 miles an hour.

Calculate and output the total flight time in hours.

The result should be a float.
Use the print statement to output the result.

In Mathematics, Problems have solutions and before the solution is executed, you need to identify first the “Given”.


Calculate Flight Time ??

Distance (7425), Average Speed (550) Results: Float ??


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