What is Political Dynasty? Give three examples of Political Dynasties in the Philippines. Why do you think it continues to exist? Can Political Dynasty be good for our country? Why or Why not?

A political family (also referred to as political dynasty) is a family in which several members are involved in politics, particularly electoral politics. Members may be related by blood or marriage; often several generations or multiple siblings may be involved. Traditional political families monopolizing political power from generation to generation since the time of the First Republic State of the Philippines of Post-Spanish Colonial Occupation were in expatriates and Chinese origin families formed a conglomerate of aristocracy to replace the power vacuum of Spanish occupation.

Notable Philippine Political Dynasties are: Aquinos, Marcoses and Dutertes, you might as well include local government officials whose families have been in the positions for decades. So why do they continue to exist? There’s an inability to effectively implement Philippine Constitutional provisions, In short, No Law prohibiting families from running as a political representative despite the efforts of other law makers to pass a bill since 1987 to stop political dynasty in the Philippines. Political Dynasty is not good, in some local communities, dominant political families rule over an entire populace which creates a larger room for pork barrel and budget for their entire clan and we know that not all of those budgets are returned back to their people. (They’re just families getting a bigger piece of the pie)

In short, there will be poor governance since their scope of leadership is only limited to their family’s interest. In addition, safekeeping the allotted money from the central government and corruption is obvious and rampant because there is nobody who will check and scrutinize their projects and programs. This idea of Political Dynasty will discourage future generations to work hard can also be attributed to dynastic politicians.

Due to this statistical popularity and factors in incumbency advantages, they have a high chance of winning the electoral campaign against a smaller party whom with no political networks and territory. Dynastic politicians also have generally lower educational attainment, because of their reliance on dynastic connections rather than bureaucratic or academic competence for their position; they just inherit the wealth and power of their predecessors and establish their own empire from their family’s fortune which is well established before they are born.

Political Dynasties also use their Political Dominance with their turf to practice graft and corruption and enrich themselves including bribery of legislators and public safety officers of the law. In addition, some negative effects of political dynasties is that political dynasties tend to be for the status quo and develop interests largely separate from the people they were supposed to be serving.


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