Should the Philippines adopt the two-party system or remain a multi-party system? Why or why not?

A government with a multi-party system for the Philippines is what I prefer over a two-party system for some reasons.

First, a multi-party system encourages everyone within the scope of the constitution as
a qualified representative to form a distinctive party (i.e. Land Reform Party, Labor Workers, Elitists, Business Tycoons, etc. ), every Filipino citizen is encouraged to represent their community and a system of government they want to implement or govern. A multi-Party system is also officially recognized and called a political party; the same is true with the Philippine Government.

Further, these political parties address a specific issue and have their own political platform on how they will formulate laws and craft policies in accordance with their party’s vision and propaganda. In addition, voters who opt to venture to parties that coincide with their ethnicity, beliefs, vision, and passion could vote for their desired politically inclined party. However, they could also transfer to another party if they desire to switch their political belief.

For example, Political Party A is inclined to women empowerment and to fight the rights of Women and Children, another Political Party B is providing livelihood opportunities to far flank areas that are not reached by the central government while Political Party C is focused more on the development and
modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Political Party D is inclined more toward public health and public safety. So as a voter, you can choose with your own discretion to which party your beliefs and principles are inclined to, so, if you are a member of the Health and Medical Practitioners; you would definitely aim for individuals who are running under the banner of Health and Public Safety.

A multi-party system prevents the incumbent individual or a single political leadership to
monopolize and control a single legislative chamber without challenge. Therefore, criticism –however it may be- will be there as a form of black propaganda or slowly injecting their political thought against the current government. Thus, Multi-party governments tend to permit wider and more diverse viewpoints in government and encourage dominant parties to make deals with weaker parties to form
winning coalitions. A multi-Party system also acts as a check and balances when it comes to policymaking, decision-making to keep the current administration in check in case there are anomalies the latter is plotting.

Also, the Multi-party system gets more campaign votes not just in their close populace but in other states as well, the diverse and wide range of political structures make the political campaign easier for them without the Head of Party being present during the campaign period. Further, Opportunities for other political aspirant is well accepted and recognized as long as they are qualified based on the parameters set forth by the prevailing constitution.

In addition, since Philippines is a multi-faceted in terms of beliefs, tribes etc. etc. we are clinged to supporting politicians who are within our tribe or people who belong to same region as ours, ofcourse, to represent us and who knows more about our status.


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