Tagaytay, Philippines Trip amidst the Pandemic (Health Protocols Observed)

Hi guys! it’s the moment of my life that I’ve decided to have a stable family of my own and yes I am now married. We were just about to have a transient vacation in Manila, Philippines but was held by this pandemic. It was actually a blessing in disguise since we haven’t had our time together as husband and wife because of work. So, we decided to travel as a couple to Tagaytay, Philippines.

A month before our scheduled Yuletide break, we searched for affordable/safe staycations in Tagaytay and decided to stay at Wind Residences by SMDC since we wanted to have a splendid view of the Taal Lake. Actually, We had several options but we handpicked SwissPhil Accommodations since they sent us photos of their views of Taal which coincides with what we are expected to see during our stay.

Since we don’t have our personal transportation, we opted to commute towards Tagaytay. From our unit, we took a Grab towards Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) and bought tickets worth Php 100.00 each at Booth Nr. 5, and proceeded thereat to Gate 7.

Usually, the duration of travel from Manila to Tagaytay is 2 hours but since we took off around 5AM therefore we arrived at Tagaytay at around 615AM (We arrived earlier than the expected time since there was no traffic and we left during weekdays). You can ride routes like Tagaytay via Nasugbu, Silang but our route was via Olivarez (Just inform the Bus you will drop off at Olivarez besides Fora Mall). From Olivarez, we ride a jeepney towards Wind Residences which cost us Php 10.00 per head but if you would ride an E-Trike it will cost you Php 100.00 per head (Heads Up! E-Trike are not allowed along Nasugbu Highway so they need to reroute to a longer route if you are going to SMDC so it will cost you a higher price than a jeepney) and depending on where in Tagaytay you’ll be heading. (Don’t get scammed of 200 per head. lol)

Day 1: Upon arrival, we registered at the reception desk of SMDC (Tower 5) and filled out contact tracing forms provided by the establishment. Our temperature was checked upon entering, even though Health Certificates are not required, strictly you need to wear a face mask and face shields at all times.

Above are the early morning views during our itinerary discussions on where to go and what to eat during the day. Coffee chats and majestic views are the epitomai of vacations and recreation despite the challenges brought by 2020.

Look at how comfy our couple space is, it is ideal for couples who opted to have their honeymoons, anniversary getaways, or just simply visit Tagaytay and relax. Since it is situated in the Highlands of Luzon, we really felt the cold breeze from above.

We rested a bit and went straight to Picnic Grove, Picnic Grove is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Tagaytay. We saw bikers, cyclists, and other non-Tagaytay residents who came to this place and had their family bonding, some of them brought food since the place is intended for Picnics and gatherings. The entrance fee cost us Php 50.00 per head and you can enjoy the view, inside the area you could also experience riding a horse, ziplines, mini-zoo and you can also enjoy native Tagaytay delicacies as well as Merchandise as a souvenir.

Sadly, it is heartbreaking that some of the establishments around the area were devastated. Maybe because of what happened almost a year ago. I was talking about the eruption of the Taal Volcano.

Surprisingly, nature healed on its own and the local government of Tagaytay is slowly patching up the scars left by the incident brought by Taal Eruption.

Sol Victoria or commonly called SOLV is among the go-to restaurants in Tagaytay, the ideal time to visit SOLV is during day time where you can view the Taal while having a meal and be fascinated by how great nature could be. SOLV’s ambiance is ideal for dating and business meetings with a retro environment. The food is very delicious especially their classic SOL V Chicken which is their specialty. (We took our dinner here and the climate outside is a bit Misty)

Day 2

Charito by Bag of Beans or commonly known as BOB is another go-to restaurants in Tagaytay, BOB have several branches within Tagaytay along with other neighboring places but we chose to dine at Charito by BOB since it is near SMDC.

Here are several shots of meals we had during our dine at Charito’s by BOB. The taste of the food reciprocates the beauty of Taal and everything around it which includes the dining area. Bag of Beans is actually owned by a prominent family in Tagaytay and went on several renovations which are then converted the area from a vacation place to a well-established restaurant.

Of course, your stay in Tagaytay will never be complete if you won’t come to Sky Ranch, we came at night because of the beauty and the colorful lights surrounding it. One of the most exciting things that happened to us is when we ride the Sky Eye (Ferris Wheel) and we were able to see the entire night lights of Tagaytay and felt the cold breeze from above. We weren’t able to enjoy Horse Course because Sky Ranch is until 7PM only and the horses are already resting at the stable.

Day 3

A day or two isn’t actually enough to roam around and enjoy Tagaytay but every moment spent in this awesome place is worth it. So, Cheers to our wonderful stay in Tagaytay. We will be back to this God-given destination.

KF Travelgram ©


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