With the present state of Public Administration in the Philippines, are we going to reach the First World Economy status? When would it be and how can it be achieved?

Yes! But as of now, we are still in the verge of climbing towards an emerging economy and sad to say it’s still vague but The Philippines is on the right track to achieve a first world status within a generation’s time. We see the improvement in the affirmations of international credit-rating agencies and the positive impact of our President [PRRD] in his foreign visits as well as economic indicators. The present administration along with his partners aims to build more infrastructures and address the poverty state of our country and as long as we have a leader like PRRD who prioritize the needs of his country before his personal interest, we will rise and grow.

We can see that every family have a career, and their family members have a professional career outside the country that invests in their child’s education for the future. Our National Defense are already moving towards a certain direction, the AFP Modernization program is the best example to put forward, the PA [Philippine Army] have their transformation roadmap program where in they procure facilities and state of the art modern warfare technology that would counter lawless elements that tries to weaken our government.

The PAF [Philippine Air Force] have their own program to address the issue particularly in the WSP [West Philippine Sea], the PAF and the Navy collaborates in protecting our territorial domain, the PAF procures several jet fighters and the PN with our frigates and soon the submarines.

Filipinos are becoming mature and more demanding of their government, expecting more tangible outcomes from their leaders. Filipinos are also becoming more critical of themselves, benchmarking their accomplishments not only locally, but globally as well. Some of the economist of our countries states that ―an idle inflation state of the country has an idle economy while a high inflation rate is a rising economy”. Through that; we could say that we are moving towards a first world country. “I think hope has been stirred and it is now at the highest level in recent years. Filipinos are now expecting a lot from this government and indeed this administration is trying very hard to deliver commitments in a timely manner,” said Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia.

The Philippine economy is growing at a phenomenal rate, one of the fastest in Asia that it is said that by 2050, the Philippines will be the 16th largest economy in the world, driven by its young and growing population that is becoming more educated and worldly. Without the three branches of government we have in our country; we can’t easily address the issues our society is facing. The situation stated previously will not be feasibly given a solution without the administration we are currently running. According to our professor, it’s just a matter of prioritization on which programs of the government we allocate our funds to.

Our president [PRRD] focused on infrastructure [to provide employment to the unemployed], social services and transfer program [indigent funds and programs for less fortunate] and our National Defense. We are moving towards a first world country as long as we cordon individuals and groups that tried to destabilize our country. “This is really an age when we are facing rising expectations. Because of technology and social media, everybody is easily made aware of what is going on around the world, what is going on in neighbouring countries in Asia,” said Pernia. “Filipinos are now able to relate what is happening here versus what is happening in other countries.”

“Filipinos are better able now than before. We have innate talents and it’s a matter of developing these talents. Many Filipinos are also up for challenges to compete or fight it out in the competitive market,” said Pernia. Filipinos already think of politicians that are good to run them or not, gone are the days that Filipinos are persuaded by mere money. Even if most Filipinos still possess traditional family-oriented values, more and more Filipinas are joining the workforce, cultivating careers while taking the lead in taking care of their families and makes us [Filipinos] above other Asian countries, we strive hard despite our situation [natural calamity, crisis and political instability]. As the country continues its growth [economic, military, population and wealth] trajectory, there will come a time when working overseas will no longer be the sole option or choice for most Filipinos to achieve a better quality of life. Many young Filipinos, for instance, are becoming more entrepreneurs, instead of seeking employment, as they see a growing market for goods and services. Through entrepreneurs that aim for global recognition, it creates opportunities for fellow Filipinos and adds to the growth income of our county and fellowmen.

The government has laid out a vision of what the lives of Filipinos should be within a generation’s time. By 2040 at least, the Philippines is envisioned to become a predominantly middle class society enjoying work-life balance with family and friends. These aspirations are contained in the ―Ambisyon Natin 2040, a set of aspirations laid down in 2016 that is best captured in the Filipino words ―matatag, maginhawa at panatag na buhay. But in 2017, the government aligned its new medium-term development plan with this long-term vision, so going back to our roadmap. Philippines is no longer a ―snail-racer in the fast-paced changing world, We are moving towards a brighter future that would make each and every one of us [Filipinos] proud.


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