Classical Theory of Public Administration

Among the theories that circulates with Public Administration is the Classical Theory of Public Administration. in this theory, the approach is based upon the ideas that people are motivated by economic incentives, It would be hypocritical speaking that we work primarily because of the love for our country. of course not, first thing that came to our mind during the transition of being a civilian to an officer in the AFP is that, AFP officers have an enormous amount of income with handsome incentives and benefits excluding the 13th month pay, PBB (Performance Base Bonus) and other stuff alike depending on the performance of the unit we are assigned and who sits in the higher headquarters. The theory of economic benefit applies also to the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) first and patriotism comes next in the list. And believe me, majority of the AFP thought of this before entering the military and that we consider opportunities [schooling, promotion, and specializations] that provides us the greater economic gain because organizations control economic incentives and an individual is primarily a passive resource to be manipulated, controlled and motivated by the organization we are in.

A classic example of this theory that we can apply with our government is the strategy of our President to double the base pay of the uniformed personnel, the government itself controlled the incentives for future benefits. through it [doubled salary]; he [PRRD] was able to utilize his forces effectively and efficiently and boosted the morale of his troops. we could see law enforcement visibility throughout the country and the willingness to do the job was reinforced.

In addition, Classic Theory conceptualized of breaking a complex task down into a number of subtasks to make things easier. pay/allowances and other rewards linked to achievement of optimum goals – measures of work performance and output; Second, workers were scientifically selected and developed, training each to be first-class at specific tasks. Third, the science of work should be brought together with scientifically selected and trained people to achieve the best results and  that each worker should be involved in doing his or her own work, prepare for the next higher level, and training their successors.

An example of the paragraph above towards the AFP as we mince it respectively is that tasks are divided not just equally but in accordance to the capacity of the unit tasked to perform it, HPN or the Headquarters Philippine Navy doesn’t give a covert mission to its regular forces, they’ll just be targets for the lawless groups, each task is given to a specific unit that could make the job done efficiently and effectively. SAF 44 is a failed conduct of administration; SAF 44 wasn’t trained for jungle and counter terrorism that’s why they became meat for the MILF.

 Another example is the PBB or the Performance Base Bonuses, the PBB defeats the purpose of patriotism in my own point of view, why? Because as a unit we aim for the best performance just to attain the maximum output of the incentives given by the PBB [which is BEST], so there’s a motivating factor why we worked so hard, so to attain the best possible output we select and screen individuals particularly in the recruitment, without bragging; the PN have the highest standard of exams in recruiting its personnel, PN caters both technical [Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Criminology, Architecture]and non-technical courses [Nursing, Philosophy, Tourism, HRM] and upon graduation these recruits will be assigned to unit that are related to their courses.

As we have observed since the late President Marcos era, we focused more on generating and formulating our Defense system in relation to our national security since our country have so many entry points which became porous according to its geographical structure as an archipelagic state. Therefore, acquisition of modern Defense technology like submarine and frigates became a priority during PRRD, since then; voyage crew to get the acquired technologies were selected and during this process, these crew were trained how to manipulated the asset and how it will be maintained to achieve best results.


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