How can the government reverse effectively the echelon of alliances doctrine in favor of our counter insurgency and internal security operations.

A well-funded and organized organization such as the CPP-NPA-NDF cannot be easily trampled down by mere force and intimidation. First and foremost we have to consider that they are fighting through several means i.e armed struggle, legal fronts, black propaganda and even establishing schools for their ideologies. NPA aimed to achieve a land and social reform. Why? Here are the basic reasons:

1. The Cordillera Region which is populated by these insurgent pioneers during the American Regime were driven from their homelands and were used a Land Title System against them, since most of them are uneducated and illiterate; they were forced to leave their ancestral lands because they shall face the formidable army of the Americans using Spears and Shield.

2. Cordillera People considered their lands as a perpetual domain of their deceased ancestors and families which make them so furious as they considered these lands sacred and divine.

3. Since these two stated above are the major reasons they wanted to convey, from it emerged a Diplomatic Group which symbolized by a Spear to discuss in taking back their land. But since the government does not agree to their terms, another group emerged which is the Red Army symbolized by a Firearm that’s why if you could see the emblem of NPA. It has a Spear and a Firearm crossing as a sign of the treaty agreed between White and Red groups to fight for their rights.

It is also believed that these lands today is the well visited Camp John Hay of Baguio and other land development owned by these Cordillera People. They fight for land and they believe that if these lands should be used as a commercial land then the profits shall be within their care but it went in favor of the government. With the uncontrolled amount of members of these insurgent group, there will be individuals that will arise who have personal interest and make use of the conflict to their advantage i.e. the capture of several lands, burning of root crops and collection of revolutionary taxes.

There are several means to counter these movements.

First is through diplomatic by means of memorandum of agreement and land reforms as stipulated by both parties. Second, Funding of these Party list funds i.e. Anakbayan, Bayan Muna, Gabriela etc. should be realigned to other government programs like livelihood programs, housing, SMEs to surrendered members of the Leftists. Third is the Counter Propaganda of government addressing that there are several members of the NPA who adapted the civilian life and is being treated properly by the government without violating the IHL. Fourth is the National ID system that will be given to each and every Filipino citizen, from it, identification of friend or foe will be much easier and efficient. Fifth, Integration of surrendered leftists to the AFP for a better future just like the MNLF- GOVT agreement that almost half of the Misuari MNLF’s were given pardon and integrated to the Philippine Army. Sixth, abolishment of the identified Partylist that is being ran and supervised by confirmed NDF.

Regardless if we are to eliminate the leaders of these groups, another will arise. The best thing to reverse these actions is to establish trust and confidence with the surrendered NPA members and propagate their well-being to these insurgents who still believe in their cause by cutting the supply lines by means of not funding the Legal Fronts the Whites are representing.

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