Describe the interplay of the Red and White Area from the CPP-NPA-NDF’s point of view using the historical experience and reference of the “Tet Offensive” in Vietnam.

In recent decades of human evolution like the theory of Charles Darwin about how Human beings came to be. There are also other evolutions that came with it i.e. social development, Freedom Rights, and the famous constitution. During these evolutions, many Philosophers came up with their own ideology of human development just like Karl Marx. Karl Marx introduced the Conflict Theory that is well accepted by several Leaders and Workers. The Theorist also introduced his work “Communist Manifesto”.

Here in the Philippines, Several Youth Leaders, Government Figures, and Non-Official Statesmen are adopting the concept of Karl Marx. One of these named groups is the CPP-NPA-NDF. Communism favors the Mass as it caters to the equality of wealth through Land Reform Programs and Agrarian Laws. CPP-NPA-NDF was well-founded by two opposing groups, the Red aka Armed Forces and the Whites aka the Peace-Loving Sectors. These Armed Groups adapt the famous strategy of the Vietnam War in 1968 which lasted 2 months. Vietnamese people called it “Tet Offensive” which was adapted from a festival celebrated in the First Quarter of the Lunar Year.

Tet Offensive was so famous that even the US was affected in its view of Public War.

The CPP-NPA-NDF adapted the Tet Offensive since it attacks the vital command centers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines simultaneously which manifests a well-planned and well-coordinated attack. Both the Reds and White Areas have different characteristics in nature but share the same goal, which is to fight for social reform. Let us discuss Red Armies first, Red is considered to be armed and act as the Guerrilla Band of the NPA, it is composed of hundreds of individuals who have arms for an armed struggle. Subsequently, these Reds conduct coordinated assaults against supply lines and penetrate enemy territories/AFP. When these Red Armies happen to regain arms like guns and clothing i.e. Shoes, Uniforms, etc. they now grow in number from a squad to platoon, platoon to a company, and to a Battalion which is commanded by a Commander and the lowest of the rank is a Lieutenant. As these armies grow in number and they are uncontrollable that is why they need to expand their territory slowly towards enemy lines. These are the major roles of the Red armies.

On the other hand, the White Area plays a significant role in the emerging Guerrilla Band they are expanding. First, these White Armies emerge with enemies/AFP, to gain intelligence and inform their Red Armies of whether there is a risk approaching or and advance of the enemy so the Red Armies could act appropriately.

Second, since we discussed the expansion of the attacking Red Armies and while they have extra firearms, the Whites will be recruited from the common residential territory to fight with them. But before they become armed soldiers, they are peasants, crop harvesters, and field agents waiting for their time to be given a gun and to fight for their cause.

Third, while the Red armies tend to capture landowners property that they thought is excessive in nature, they will transform it into a crop or livestock that will soon be given to white armies for production and will be used as a supply link for the armed struggle. These Red Armies with the Help of the Whites build temporary camps to stay for several days until the white armies who are emerged in several residential areas inform them of the risk and possible advance of the enemies/AFP just what we stated earlier and sometimes they migrate because of the bombardments of the enemies/AFP. Once the red armies capture and expanded a territory and a safe and considered as a stable place. They (both Reds and Whites) transform this safe haven to a small business i.e. coconut lumber yard, Cotton Factory, Clothes Factory or even Arms Factory. These Factories are being controlled by White Area Managers who does not know about armed struggle but continuously support their cause.

Every white area is considered to be civilians and only those Red Armies are in the conflict groups. With that, there are two sectors that are being established in the expansion of the Red and White Areas. There is a White and Red Area in both Enemy and Controlled Territory. In a controlled territory, revolutionary taxes are collected while enemy territory gathers intel and supply links of small groups send provisions to the mountains. So with the expansion of Both Red and White Armies, they easily wire communications throughout controlled and enemy territory wherein if they plan to conduct and coordinated attack just like the Tet Offensive transpired in 1968, they could easily establish an organized seize and capture of command controls and vital government installations.


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