Conquering Mount Pulag

It was just a suggestion of a friend of mine until it became a challenge and dared fellow friends to conquer the second highest mountain in the Philippines (Well, that’s what the DENR representative said during the orientation before climbing)

So we coordinated with Kuya Adams (I don’t know his full name but I can recall his face lol) and met at KFC Mall of Asia for pickup because he is an organizer and a Van with a driver was already waiting for us. So from MOA we waited for an hour at BGC for other climbers like us which was jibed on our way to Benguet who also coordinated with Kuya Adams.

(Cost: Php 1,200.00 per head) which includes the lodging, breakfast and lunch at our homestay.

So we stopped at BGC for personal necessities and en route to Benguet, I slept during the ride and had a single stop over for dinner and finally at 6 AM we arrived at the Doctor’s Clinic because before proceeding to the climb we should be physically fit (One of the requirements of DENR before climbing is the Medical Certificate)

So from the Doctor’s Clinic we ride towards the orientation building and found out that there’s a lot of climbers who were also there earlier than us so we gathered all our requirements and hand it over to Kuya Adams.

So I took a picture of the trail we climbed. There’s actually 3 but for new climbers like us, this is the ideal trail.

Fast forward to the D-Day of the climb. here is a photo of us before saying our prayers. lol. at around 1AM in the morning and I am still sleepy.

These are the amazing people I climbed with and Kuya Adams isn’t in the picture.

Please Please Please don’t be stubborn to rent a tent and feel a camping experience, it’s way too cold and use proper protective gears before climbing.

Other climbers keep coming back to the sea of clouds because it’s not always every climb you’ll get to see them. We were lucky enough on our first climb we experience the majestic view.
These are my friends on our way back. Tired but fulfilled.

I lost my copy of the summit where there’s a landmark saying you conquered it and all. So that’s all I wanted to share with you during my climb and please please observe cleanliness during the climb and respect mother nature. This area is believed to be a sanctuary for the souls of the people who parted and stayed at the mountain.


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