5 reasons why you need to take Master’s Degree in Public Administration

Enhancing your Leadership and Management Skills
In order to progress in any career, it is necessary to develop your leadership and management skills. A Master’s degree in Public Administration in the Philippines is a key requirement to attain high position in the governemnt. It is the degree of choice for people who want to advance their careers in public management, policy-making as well as the non-profit sector. An MPA is especially programmed to those who want to pursue management positions within these sectors and the degree focuses on leadership roles like policy making and public finance as well as managing people.

Building your own network
Studying MPA level will create an open door to build a network of diverse individual from different molds of status. I for one have classmates who worked in hospitals, some are doctors, others are government employees as well as dentists who maximized their time to attain a Master’s Degree. Locally, studying MPA is one way of understanding other individuals who are working from different field which you are unaware of. Some of their presentation are inclined to their field that would broaden your knowledge.

It’s not that hard. No PRESSURE!
Studying MPA may seem intimidating, but it really isn’t. You can study for your MPA at many of the top schools throughout Philippines with varieties of set-up, and most of them will offer flexible course structures and sometimes even online study options to cater other individuals who are studying after office hours. Some professors wants reporting, some also want to hone our writing skills, some wants us to research and broaden our study in public and foreign relations. It all depends on the professors who will handle your course.

Not just Masters but Experts too…
Studying MPA is your oppotune time to specialize, and an MPA programme is no different. This is your chance to really become an expert in your area. Some public sector topics that you might consider are international relations, public management, health management, nonprofit management, policy analysis and policy making.

That being said, if you are interested in specializing in International Studies in particular, you may consider a Master of International Studies degree as an alternative to an MPA. This degree focuses on the interrelation between countries and how they handle their government internally and how they address their issues with other foreign countries.

A slot in an Executive Government Position
With its focus on Public Administration and Policy Making Body, as well as communication and people management, an MPA will equip you for key roles in government.

With your MPA and the experience and the vast networking you built, you will truly be ready to make a change, and influence decisions in your local and foreign decision making process. Edging you among the rest.


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