The plea for used and old gadgets

The Philippines particularly the Vice President Leni Robredo urged the public to donate used and old gadgets that would alleviate the issue of her country in addressing the issue regarding online education of Filipino Students. The idea of the VP was good and her intention is admirable but we cannot let other issues slide regarding this activity.

Vice President Leni Robredo and her plea for Gadgets to the public

First thing we need to consider are the gadgets we are receiving, some maybe serviceable but the others maybe outdated, so there is a need to update and the maintenance of this used gadgets needs financial assistance too since we are catering Filipinos that seeks aide in these hard times.

Second, How are we going to assess if these students needs support? There must be an Agency we need to tap, particularly Agencies that have a list of indigent individuals that cannot sustain their living at all.

Third, the Energy Source? They may have gadgets but how are they going to maintain the lifespan of this and how are they going to continue learning if they don’t have the means to pay their electrical bills.

In addition, These gadgets needs data, so we need to consider the funds to sustain these gadgets to buy data and imagine how many millions of students we have to sustain.

and Finally, the Internet Service Provider of Philippines is slower than a snail and knowing low-tech gadgets plus slow internet connection is a fatal move to address the education issue of the Philippines.

I don’t have issues with the Office of the Vice President but we need to scrutinize carefully and think thoroughly about the consequences regardless if it’s in good faith or not. It’s a matter of Pros and Cons.

The idea is totally good but the aftermath is worst and the concept is unrealistic and economically devastating knowing we are also addressing financial difficulties in this Covid situation.

I hope this will reach the Office of the Vice President.


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