Lockdown Bloggers amidst the Corona Virus Outbreak

Amidst the Corona Virus outbreak, it’s the opportune time that we bloggers and our other introvert friends are having a time of their life [Yeheeeeey]. The scent of brewed coffee in the morning, few sweat outs, thoughts for the next blog, books [Lots of them] that are pending and many many more. =)

The Philippines did a total lockdown except for essential commodities, So, my daily routine only revolves on three major things, and they are:

  1. Books: I have actually a lot of books to be read. I am actually reading a book about Hitler’s Secret Police [i.e The Gestapo]. It was actually the Myth and Reality. I find it interesting since it shows how Nazis form the Gestapo from scratch and the qualifications that needed to be a Gestapo Officer – Most of them are Law Practitioners and Masters in Law – A single Gestapo Officer monitors a community with a ratio of 1 Gestapo monitoring 5,000 Non-German individuals who dissent the Nazi Regime.
  2. Blogging: Even though I am still working indoors; I tried finding time to come up with a topic for my next blog and scanning over my drafted files to upload. This lockdown is a haven for me since I love staying indoors but a disadvantage for me since there are also lots of people staying. =( [And I hope we are all safe]
  3. Learning something new: Actually, I am learning something new [i.e. A new Language – Arabic], So I could improve myself. You may try other languages like French, German, Spanish, etc. You could also venture into painting and other musical instruments.

These are just the things I am doing in the meantime that is outside my actual work in the office. They actually said that if you want to venture on a new hobby; you have to choose a hobby that is outside and not related to your work. =)


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