Essay on Local Fiscal Administration

We are tasked to explain thoroughly the statement,

“Local Government acts as the vehicle of local democracy, providing services responsive to local needs and conditions” (King and Pierce 1990: 2)

On the statement provided by King and Pierce in 1990 as stated above; there are several matters that we could consider and elaborate on. first,  is that local democracy as we all know are the thoughts of the people since the government – whether it is national or local – is the representation of the people by the people for the people. Thus, people decide what they want to do with their society as a whole, and that’s why they thought of it as a vehicle because local democracy will tell you about which direction you want your society will go.

Second, regarding the providence of services to local needs, local governance will answer the issues of the people and how to solve them by means of conduction sessions and formulation of laws and regulations provided it won’t conflict with the constitution which – shall by all means – government institutions will have to conform. therefore,  there is no bill to be presented in the plenary unless it is an issue that needs to be prioritized.

It is not merely answering their questions but also making their lives easier by means of providing goods and services that the government may provide. These issues that have been forwarded by the representative of the local government will have to be scrutinized by a higher echelon which is the senate. but, if deemed necessary, the senate shall delegate the authority to allow the local government to formulate their own policy that will address the issues of the latter and based on their status quo.

Therefore, on the statement by both King and Pierce, the local democracy is the driving force of the society on where it will go, how long it will go and keeps track whether the objective of the local government is on track or not. That’s why they used the metaphor vehicle as a description of local democracy.


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