The Accidental Davao Tour

I was supposed to attend a conference in Davao but it was canceled by the company and instead of wasting the tickets we already bought; my Boss told me to use it and have a glimpse of Davao City.

I was fetched from the airport by one of the company’s drivers and drove me around town towards our office annex. I never knew that Davao is that peaceful and unlike my place, You can’t see Law Enforcement Personnel dispatched within the city.

“Where are the police?”

“Sir, Wala pong dispatched ang police dito ganon ka-safe ang Davao”

Just to clear things up. I am not a Duterte fan since he wasn’t my President in the first place, it was Sen. Miriam Santiago.

Anyway, Let’s jump immediately to how I accidentally toured Davao City.

I was supposed to go to G Mall or Gaisano in Davao and while onboard a Taxi,

“Manong san ba maganda pumunta dito sa Davao?”

He told me the details on where and how to get there and he told me that he had a tour package. Like whaaaaaat?! You serious right now?!

Blogginhands at Philippine Eagle Site

You guys could see this wall right before you enter the vicinity of the Philippine Eagle, You’re tour in Davao will not suffice if you haven’t visited this place.

A glimpse of an Eagle named Maginoo in this Sanctuary

I will intentionally post only a few photos of them so you could personally visit the place and check them for yourself.

Blogginghands at the Eden Nature Park

Entrance to the Eden Nature Park, The place as it says on its name is really like a paradise on Earth since it’s a bit elevated; you could feel the cold breeze. Come and visit the place. The entrance fee is affordable with a free lunch. =)

Jack’s Ridge View

Folks here advised me to visit the place with someone very special to you, This place is a mixture of scenery and resto particularly during night time. You could visibly check a wide view of the City from up here.



Rajah Sulayman at Crocodile Farm

This is not just a Crocodile Farm and Park but you can also see different varieties of animals.

Preserved Skeletal Structure of a Crocodile

This figure will be the first sight you’ll encounter upon entering the premises of the said park.

You might be wondering who took the Photos inside if I am alone? Well the Taxi Driver “Kuya Rogelio”, I took him in all of my tours and paid all of the entrance fees so he may join me inside.

I felt happy when he told me that it was his first time to enter these areas because every time he drives visitors here; he just waits outside for them and accompany them to another destination and wait again. Unlike in our tour, I paid all entrances for two persons and all my meals are for two-person too which made him free of everything.

It’s just hard for me to eat knowing a companion of mine is sitting somewhere waiting for me to finish. well, that’s just so not me.


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