What is your position on the political dynasty in the Philippines?

Honestly speaking I am not in favor of any political dynasty despite that we have family members who are in politics. The main reason why I am not in favor is that they will be no opportunity for other people to serve and have their own way of handling a government.

Dynasty A might focus more on business ventures and opportunity for investors to invest in our country yet lacks the support in health care services and senior citizen’s benefits, if Dynasty A will continue for generations to come, we might have an adequate GNP but the morale and welfare of our people is very low. But, if we give equal opportunity to Dynasty B, C and so on. They might have other platforms to focus on that is also a vital requirement in the development of our nation.

We’ve experienced too many political dynasties in our nation but never resulted in a good one. In the previous elections; most of the political dynasty has been defeated through the electoral process because people are already fed up by these families and wanted to taste a new way of government and they are willing to take the risk.

As I have observed; our nation is becoming mature in dealing with politicians and they are already thinking properly on which politicians that best suit their needs and nation.


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