Why I took a Masters in Public Administration

I took the Aptitude Test for law school but failed perhaps I wasn’t meant to become a Lawyer. So here comes a colleague of ours who introduced a graduate school that will be taken after office hours. So for me, why not?

We [some of my officemates] enrolled in Philippine Christian University an already studying Masters Degree in Public Administration which will be an edge for us working in the government.

So why the main reason why I took this course because it widens my knowledge and once you studied a Masters Degree regardless of what field of study it is it would urge you to be more aware of the things that are happening in your country and other foreign countries as well.

As for me, I have to keep tabs on foreign relations, their policies, government status, and their respective economies. with that; I am able to have an understanding of other application of government developments and their best practices.

And finally, I will be uploading all the topics and exams we’ve discussed and the assignments that I’ve answered. Sharing is caring of course. =)


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