The never-ending war in Mindanao

It’s been a month since we’ve reported in front of deliberation board and among the questions thrown at me was, “what do you think is the reason for this non-stop war and terrorism particularly in the southernmost part of the Philippines?”

Let’s get things straight, I knew all along before facing the board that I will be encountering questions such as these since I came from southernmost part of the Philippines and belong to a prestigious pride of the Tausugs.

Well, the answer I gave was this, “Sir, the lack of education”. The gentleman agreed, but I read somehow through their gestures and looks as if they wanted to know more on why was that the answer I gave.

So I added it with an example, “Sir, for example a Tausug like me came to Manila and finished a degree and a doctorate of any sort which will not be an issue for un-educated and illiterate group of people and I arrive to their [tribesman] area as a foreign individual and give them glad tidings, gave them provisions and talked to them like I know everything. But, since I knew their culture, they will immediately trust me on everything I say. Thus, some of them might look up to me as if I am a saviour and protector.”

In addition, “Since I knew their weakness and they believed in me, I could recruit them to fight for me in exchange of honor, dignity and respect towards me and the group they will represent.”

Another thing is, “Because of the poverty that rose in their area, they tend to cling to someone they are assured to provide them their needs even just by showing them off and provide them later after their task was done.”

“And since these people weren’t educated enough, they’ll just follow an educated person like a shepherd tending his sheep.”

Education itself plays a vital role in our life, it could make or break our pre-destined journey. An individual who know the law cannot be fooled easily by crooked cops or can a tribe leader with a set of education defend his rights to his land not of war or violence but of intellect and due process.



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