The 3 Minute Blog

There are actually moments when we ( I will include myself ) are out of ideas on what to write on our blog and at some point we are forced not to or decide to create a post some other time that actually disrupts our blogging schedules.

Today I’m going to share with you some of my remedies if I ran out of ideas and I call it the “3 Minute Blog“.

The 3 Minute Blog

In here I usually sit on my desk with my coffee, pen and a paper. ( So, where’d the blogging go?).

Here’s the catch actually that’s why I call it a 3 Minute Blog because before my coffee gets cold I write ideas that comes into my mind. I will give you an example about my 3 Minute Blog today while I was having my coffee break I decided to share with you my method if I ran out of ideas.

That is sharing this idea with you (This is actually my 3 Minute Blog thought)

Perhaps you could jot down all the things that transpired on your day, yesterday or the other day or anything that comes in your mind as long as you could elaborate it and talk about it to public. Simple as that.

Just write everything before your coffee gets cold and see what attracts you and your audience more, so what are you waiting for? grab a mug and hit the 3 minute blog. 



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