Preparing for the Big One

The Philippines as we all know is already a prone natural disaster country as what we experienced for the past few years which devasted a massive area of the land.

Through this experiences; the JCI Manila spearheaded and conducted an exercise which was participated by various government agencies especially from the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Local Government Units, Reserved forces, MMDA, and other volunteer Units; Together these brave individuals worked tirelessly 24 hours during the said activity.

The setting of the event was inside a building which has been hit by a 7.2 Magnitude or the Big One. There were assumed dead people and survivors during the activity and after which followed by an aftershock that leads to the death of other survivors that was trapped under the rubbles.

Even so, the activity went fine despite the rain and prevailing circumstance we were able to finish the simulation without any injuries or casualties.

It was a very nice experience and I hope to be of service to my country unconditionally when the Big One arrives.


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