What I do outside blogging?

Let’s get things straight, I don’t want to be selfish and I just want to share what I do outside this online journal of mine.

I do graphic designs when I don’t feel like writing and it adds few bucks earned from skills and talents.

I would like to share with you a site called designcontest.com

This site is quite memorable to me because it was part of our curriculum during my college days back in 2011. We were instructed by our Professor who’s also a designer and told us to participate in a certain contest.

All of the things we learned from his subject were applied and uploaded on the contest he provided and our grade will depend according to our rating so if you got an 85 then that would be your grade on this subject and the rest is history.

The site will allow registering as a designer or as a client.

If you’re a designer then you could choose several categories that suit your skills from Logo Designing, Web Designing, Prints and things alike.

But if you’re a client then you will be prompted to create a project and ask designers to make one for you in accordance with your taste and standards.

There are a lot of expert designers and top-notch creative individuals who participate in this site. It also guarantees the designers and clients regarding monetary matters.




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