From your Class President

First and foremost I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my classmates for giving their trust on me for handling a huge responsibility as your class president, I may not be as perfect as you thought I am but definitely I will strive to be of service to you.

I wrote this letter as a sign of gratitude towards you and perhaps a little bit of what I wanted to say upon taking this position. First, I know not all of us were given the opportunity to be with a prestigious unit such as the Philippine Fleet but I do believe there are reasons behind everything. Don’t be frustrated as it is a challenge for us on how professional we are in dealing with situations like these and as much as they wanted to cater us, the availability of positions aren’t fit for us for many reasons in which one would be of us not being qualified for such position since we are still junior officers in the league, and we are less knowledgeable regarding those vacant positions.

Second, we have to build our service reputation; not just for ourselves but for our class and our Alma Mater. The school where we belong will be known based on our actions and how we deal with our fellow officers as well as our subordinates. Thus, if we are given an instruction, we see to it that we could comply it as soon as possible, if the instruction isn’t feasible then we shall give feedback and there’s no harm in providing information. Our organization is too small and having good or bad reputation will spread throughout our organization like a wind.

Third, our Attitude. We may all be holders of different Baccalaureate Degrees but for the past 3 decades these flying colors we attained from colleges meant nothing if we have misconducts and unfriendly attitudes. How we deal with people around us will be reflected towards us sooner or later, people around us are mere mirrors of ourselves.

Fourth is the Belief, Believe in your capabilities. Out of thousands who tried to enter the service we are the ones who were fortunate and chosen which means we are the best among the best, so we should live and act accordingly as a professional Naval Officer.

Fifth, Our commitment, never forget the reason why we entered the service and on whatever those reasons maybe we should be reminded of it, work as if your life depends on it, if that job is the thing that supports you and your family then bet your life in it. We can’t just take things for granted, we prayed for it and therefore we shall take good care of it.

May this message be of benefit to you and for me, I wasn’t able to share with you these thoughts personally and definitely everything you read was sincere.

Very Respectfully Yours, Class President 2017.


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