Blogging Tips: Chapter 2 (The ABC of Blogging)

Have you ever tried to speak in public but you can’t keep track on what you are trying to convey? As if your brain is overflowing with ideas so your words are mixed up and ended up as a failure?

The same thing goes to writing, when writing a content or Blog, see to it you are still within the scope of your topic and the whole content should not go beyond the supposed discussion.

Regardless of what topic you will be creating, there are three points you need to consider in delivering your thoughts. And these are the ABCs of Blogging.


A for Attention:

This portion is the opening of your content. In other writing you may compare this to an introduction. You may start this portion with a background on what you’re trying to convey regarding your topic or you could also ask a question that will be answered on the later part of your content.

B for Body:

This area contains the entire content of your topic; you will be discussing your thought here which is relevant to your Attention. There are several types of content writing but let’s stick first on the basics so you could build your foundation before proceeding to succeeding topics.

NOTE: Your body needs to support the Attention you relayed and these needs to sustain the message from you Attention or answer the question which you asked from the beginning.

C for Conclusion:

Definitely, in this area, just like the word itself, it wraps up everything from start to finish. In here you’ll summarize your main points which you mentioned prior to conclusion. As such, keep these are brief and concise since this will be the ending.

In addition, parting with your readers could either encourage them to act according to your message or you could ask them again the same question you asked from the beginning of you content.


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