How to come up with a story for a book on Wattpad.


You have to think of a genre for you story first. There are several major types of genre like Romance, Historical, Spiritual, Horror and most likely books are somehow similar with movies. Books too have Drama, Action, Sci-Fi you name it. It’s all in there. You just have to choose what kind of story you’ll be focusing with.

What Genre would you choose?
What Genre would you choose?

So with that you will be able to narrow the scope of your story now, Instead of having all types of stories in one you are now focused a single scope. Let’s have an example, let’s choose Romance for example, everybody loves Romance right?

Having a Romance genre is still broad. Why? I’ll explain it soon when we go further.


We were able to pick from various types of Books and decide to have Romance as our GENRE, so GREAT.

So what’s next? It has to be the setting. Why? Because the setting is where your created world would be, where things would happen in your story.

What kind of Romantic Setting you will choose? Would you like a Romeo and Juliet story, Historical romance setting during the time of Robin Hood or a modern romance?

Where would it be? What Era?
Where would it be? What Era?

Let’s say we’ll pick a Historical Romance way back during the time of Greek Gods and Goddesses. See the picture now?

But it’s all up to you; it’s how you feel the environment. Imagine yourself being the character you will be creating, the place where your romance would be.


We have our GENRE already Romance, and the Setting is in History about 545 B.C.

Show the world how incredible your story is.
Show the world how incredible your story is.

In this phase you narrowed a broad concept of creating a book, we now proceed to the story. The story is the main focus of your book of course; you have to come up with a story base on what you feel like.

I created a book on Wattpad; it’s a Romance Book during my high school years yet I added some crisp to make it more fascinating.

How about you? Did you have disappointments regarding your love life? Write it. Did you have a happy ever after High School or College then share it to the world, You are the master of your book as if you are the creator of a world and you dictate characters on what to do, where to go and what to feel.

It’s either a tragedy or a happy ever after.


Please don’t tell me you’ll be placing Rambo in our Romantic Book, HELL NO! We have to come up of a character that matches the GENRE, SETTING and the STORY.

I should be Realistic somehow, Duh?
I should be Realistic somehow, Duh?


It’s a Romance Genre, with a Historical setting and a happy ever after. Ok, Noted. Okay then let’s choose a Female this time.

A Character needs to have traits and information just like the Author has; you a name, a family background and all, so should our character.

Let’s give her a name. She would be Althea Breannicus or Althea the Priestess; a common name during the time of Greek Mythology. She lived a few acres across the city of Greece and her father and mother are both servants to the Temple of Zeus, that’s a family background.

She’s a tall and slender woman, her hair is smooth as a golden ornament representing the elegance of beauty of the Gods, her eyes as deep as the winter chill reflecting the light of the moon with her lips enlightened a crimson blood with nose every women would like to possess.

Can you imagine her beauty now? We just created a character. You can also add, despite her being a gifted goddess of mankind she had a bad-temper towards men and a pale face that seldom smile in front of the crowd.

With that you can easily predict her attitude as a self centred woman and a man-hater. She had bad experience with men I guess.


So after having all those mentioned above; GENRE, SETTING, STORY, CHARACTER. In this part you need to be creative, every one of us have a unique talent for everything. Somehow or somewhere deep within us we are creatively gifted.

Don't imitate someone's work, Be Creative.
Don’t imitate someone’s work, Be Creative.

Use your creativity. Stand out. Make a story that’s not predictable.

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