Farewell to a Beloved Friend

Peace and Blessings Royal,

You just don’t know how broken I am right now, When you and your sibling was born I was so happy at what God gave me.

I know I wasn’t there much when you grew up, I wasn’t able to watch you grow since I was not here.

But when I came; You showed me love. I never thought of you one day leaving me, So I loved you back the way you loved me.

We share the same food as I do, We hang out sometimes, We don’t speak the same language

but we understand one another’s thought, At times when I feel down and lonely; you were there clinging to me gesturing that everything’s gonna be okay.

I hope I was a good friend to you, Never will I treat you as my pet. I am not your owner, as I know; One day you will return to your rightful owner. You just came to me and showed what love is.

Honestly, I am so broken and I feel so much grief in me right now. I am not yet ready for you to leave so sudden,

I am hoping you will be among the creations of God roaming around paradise and be with your Grandmother and other siblings.

I will really miss you Royal, I will really do.

I love you.

(A message to my Cat pet Royal)


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