Facebook talents facing different directions.

Josh Williams and Tim Van Damme; two of the talents working for Facebook had finally come to say goodbye to the social network titan.

Josh Williams who worked for Facebook is the co-founder of Gowalla and also Instagram’s designer was acquired by the company in 2011.

Are you familiar with Pages, Events and Locations in Facebook? He is the product manager and worked with the most recent revamp of the mobile page products.

Come to think of it, the new product manager will have to get use to how the previous manager designed the projects or much better if the new manager will have the innovative ideology to retain Facebook’s design.

It was already confirmed by Facebook of William’s departure, The information on where he would go is still unannounced but he is planning to stay in San Francisco to start working at a new company.

While Tim Van Damme said that he worked with the top calibers in the industry but also said that he wanted to venture and step forward in facing new challenges and problems.

Thus, he will be joining Dropbox early next month after giving time to his family. It is also stated that he will be joining two Facebook employees that switched during the past year.


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