Who are the devils in the holy month?

Who are the devils in the holy month?

“When the Holy month of Ramadhan comes, the doors of Heaven are opened and the doors of Hell are closed as well as the devils are chained.”

Indeed this statement is true in all over the Muslim world who observes fast in the holy month of Ramadhan. But, for those who are keen and observant they keep asking these questions.

If the devils are chained, then why are we still seeing Muslims who commit sins? And come to think of it why do I still commit sins during the holy month of Ramadhan?

I have been reading and extending my knowledge in Islamic teachings and I found an answer to the question stated.

During the “non-month” of Ramadhan, Muslims keep on doing senseless acts and committing sins as they are listening to the gossips and orders of the devils that whispers on their ears.

They [Muslims] get used to doing these sins, in each sin they commit there will be a dark spot stained in their heart. So if the heart is as small as your closed fist and you knew within yourself you committed sins a lot then what do you think your heart would look like?

“There is a piece of clotted blood in every human being’s body, if it [the clotted blood] is good then everything is good and if it is bad everything is bad.”

I rephrased a thought since honestly I am tired looking for the exact phrase but the thought is the same so bare with me on this.

So what the clotted blood here is the heart, if the heart is good then everything is good or otherwise. So building the dark spots on our hearts made us evil-doer and a habit of doing senseless act is our major goal in life.

So during the month of Ramadhan, the devils are chained right?

Yes my dear they are chained but since we are devoured by sins being a habit, without the whispering of the devil we do sins and commit senseless acts with our own accord.

You get the logic? We commit sins intentionally with our own desires. It’s not because the devils, not because of the people around you but because you want it and you have to change it. NOW

“Brother, do not listen to them. The devils during the month of Ramadhan cannot roam around except for us Muslims, but if you will do such evil deeds then they are happy and would smile at you”

This phrase above is a statement by a reliable source; let’s keep it anonymous as he wanted to keep his identity confidential.

So let’s observe our deeds not just in the month of Ramadhan but with other months to come. An article that remind ourselves which starts from me and so convey it to the readers of this article.

Remember: “Read, and if you know how read. TEACH”


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