Understanding Values System in the eyes of a youth.

I was honoured to be in a gathering of active youth and young professionals on a 3 days stay-in Seminar-Workshop, One of which interests me most are their topics and that includes “Values System”.

You may or may not agree to the following statements I will write and I assure you all these writings are based on how I understood the topic. I agreed on some of the topics presented while I somehow have my own understanding of some in which it contradicts to my belief and perception.

We, as a youth see things differently from an aged view of the world as well as a kid’s understanding of the environment on his surroundings.

We, categorized value systems in two different understanding; The First would be “Within Ideology” and Second would be “Environmental Adaptation”.

Within Ideology: It is how an individual sees things around him and how his mind commands his body what to react on a certain phenomenon/situation. Furthermore, One acts in behalf of his morality “or the ability to stick with goodness and what’s right for him”. Even so, Within Ideology could be on the opposition if he thinks a bad manner is good then that can also be a Within Ideology, It would either be good or bad as to what an individual thinks of his self-freedom.

Environmental Adaptation: This would be a tricky explanation, it’s an adaptation based on external force. The previous one talks about in-self values while this on the other hand speaks of external force that leads an individual to act accordingly. We can also categorize this value into several parts:

1) Culture and Religion: Religion is different from culture logically speaking as to religion was created thousands of years ago and the latter [religion] set rules and regulation on how an individual should act according to his belief and understanding, the word “Faith” is strongly asserted that would define religion in the most basic explanation, Faith in God and submit to God’s will and commandments. While culture is a practice based on imagination and experienced based analysis.

These two; Culture and Religion would go hand in hand in an individual’s choice on how to live his life on a daily basis. Youth in particular in this generation are more into technology and took less priority on their own cultures and religion, what they saw in this devices [TVs, Social Media and the World Wide Web] are their driving force as to somehow they try to imitate on what they see and feel looks good on them and not what’s good for them.

Going to Entertainment zones like Internet Cafes and Night club bars are the youth’s alternative means to exchange of what they call “boring” environment that circulates around culture and religion. So therefore, the generation of today’s culture and religion is evolving within the circles of technology and entertainment.

2) Society/Community: This body plays a major role in a youth’s life. Society as we all know it is the wide gathering of different types of persons, we can’t talk more about it but we can at least pick a certain topic which is relevant to our discussion. “Legal laws” – This are the set rules and regulations of the society that compressed an individual’s freedom and run-free. Why did we say that? We are talking here about value system and our understanding base on what we know, laws create values in its own way.

We are bound to follow the laws implemented by the society. Therefore, even an individual thought of harming another would be a good idea is a negative view since laws created by the society deprived them of their freedom based on their within ideologies. So with that laws create a portion of an individual’s values.

Let’s have an example: Many generations came in the peak of being in youth, we are eager to join organizations as what they are more called to be “Fraternities”, another form of society that represents brotherhood and integrity within their own circles of cultures and belief according on how it was built and its purpose.

Inflicting pain on a person joining the fraternity in both sides thought these activities is good for them, but certain law like RA 8049 or the anti-hazing law “AN ACT REGULATING HAZING AND OTHER FORMS OF INITIATION RITES IN FRATERNITIES, SORORITIES, AND OTHER ORGANIZATIONS AND PROVIDING PENALTIES THEREFOR”. And this law confined them with the circles of justice and that change a portion of their values system.

3) Family and Friends: Is the most influential factor in an individual’s values and according to our understanding, before you enter within the circles of the two categories stated above, family and friends are your driving force in your being.

An individual would adapt the teachings of these groups while on the process of developing one’s value system.

Let’s have an example:

A young individual is going to college and he decided to take a Medical field. You may ask “why? Why medical field?

We can say that he grew within the circles of medical practitioners, perhaps his parents are both doctors as their profession. Another thing is, his most adored friends would take a medical field and so decided to take it as well. Nevertheless, we should consider his own ideology, if his surroundings are more lenient to medical fields. Therefore, there is a big chance he would take up a course in medicine. That would be in the case of Environmental Adaptation.

In contrast, even though all of the external forces are integrated into an individual’s decision. He may still be on choosing the other side base on his personal ideologies, even his life circulates within the circles of medical field but if he thought of another decision he likes and he thinks good for him still would affect his well being.

So basically, within ideologies and environmental adaptation are the two significant masters of an individual’s value system. The mere fact one would take a certain decision is either base on his personal ideologies or environmental forces, it’s just how these two dominates his well being.

We can’t separate this two leading forces, within/personal ideologies cannot sustain an individual’s decision since external forces are there to monitor and individual’s choice. 1) Does it contradict to your beliefs and faith? 2) Would you not violate any human law? 3) Perhaps you should ask your peers first?

So if both within ideologies and environmental adaptation would meet to a certain point of understanding that would create a somehow well proportioned value system, an individual can say his actions in life is at peace and pure.


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