Blogginghands on it’s 1st year.

Credits to WordPress.
Credits to WordPress.

I was surprised when I saw a trophy on my dashboard. What on earth is this? I’ve been busy this couple of days so wasn’t even aware of this and tadaaaaa! It’s my blogs 1st year anniversary.

Hey you, Yes you~ I want to share to you how this blog started, It was way back while I was in my sophomore year in college and I attended a Journalism seminar regarding Peace Reporting.

One of my co-participant is a blogger and I’ve been following his blog for quite some time reading stuffs and social concerns about his life. I have my own traditional journal which is a pen and a journal book. Well I keep doing it until now when I decided to write on an online journal like a blog.

What interest me most is that people do read what I wrote and sometimes they give comments and that’s just makes me happy.

So I keep writing on my blog until some of my friends are in touch with my self-spoken insights on things that interests me.

But then when I reached my Senior year I stopped blogging and focused on my Thesis Journal, I was assigned as the Thesis Leader, Documenting Works, Programming and so the deliberation of the Thesis Subject as I am lenient into public speaking.

Furthermore, after my graduation day when all the assignments and works are no longer existing in my environment I decided to continue blogging especially I focused on Technology and Current Issues which I am well concerned of.

I am not into entertainment and business topics, That’s just way over board for me.

Well for some I am a bit weird and doesn’t socialize much, I repeat I only discuss and indulge  myself into a matter that interests me. If it doesn’t then you can tell I am not interested.

Well, So much for the blabbing. I am on my knees and extending my sincere gratitude for those who followed, visited and liked my blog. Thanks for the 1 year of support and patronage. This wouldn’t be possible if not because of you.

Very Respectfully Yours, Blogginghands.


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