Inside Islam: Jihad in the early 20’s

Inside Islam: Jihad in the early 20's

For the general information of the Majority, Jihad isn’t that required in this time.

1st: During the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, It was indeed needed. You might ask why, needed in the sense they need to protect their selves. (I know you will ask a question after this so go on.)

2nd: If you don’t have both parents, all relatives and you are alone and decided to go to Jihad then go. You would ask why? Basically if you are in the battlefield you think of the people whom you left at home. Did they eat already? I miss them 😦 And the Devils will whisper to you ears so you would go back and refrain from Joining the Jihad, That’s the Wisdom.

3rd: If you are not capable of fighting like Old aged, disable or any means that would be a liability to the community isn’t. But you can donate any goods or kinds to support the Jihad, But. But. If you don’t have anything to spare because you are poor. PRAYER or Dua’a is much better of you. (So if you are poor you can still have the same rewards just like the ones who go to Jihad and the ones whose wealth are given for the cause.)

You would now think “I would just pray or donate goods/kinds”, Sorry but that’s just for the incapable.

4th: In connection to the 2nd, If you have all parents and relatives. But if a Leader which is Just and Ideal leader appoints you to join, you shouldn’t reject and you must join the Jihad. You might ask “That is forcing someone”, Yes. But if you are a Muslim you will not reject it and we as Muslims are eager to Join Jihad.

I myself wanted to cross the borders to Join Syria but I still have my family.

So much for that. I haven’t copy pasted from any links. It was from what I read and teach. just like the Rasulullah [The Prophet of Islam] said “Read. And if you know how to read. TEACH”

I am open for questions as long as I know I will answer if not then we would ask someone more knowledgeable than me.



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