Samsung integrates Android with cool devices, Galaxy NX and ATIV Q

Samsung had been on the Mainstream for years now, They introduced galaxy S and other world class Androids and that includes the recent Samsung Galaxy S4. So are you familiar with Androids? Or do you own a device which is integrated with an Android?

Samsung integrates Android with cool devices, Galaxy NX and ATIV Q

In London press conference today, Samsung unveiled two new products that integrates an Android operating system: ATIVQ Windows 8 tablet and the Galaxy NX Camera. (hold your horses photography enthusiasts)

Samsung’s ATIV line of tablets have all run Windows 8 (unlike its Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Note line, which are powered by Google’s Android software).

ATIV Q announced that “users can own a tablet that switches between Windows 8 and Android on the fly”.

Android apps can be pinned to the Windows task bar, as well as opened directly in Windows 8.” -Patrick Pavel, VP of European ATIV Marketing for Samsung

Well as Androids running on a Windows 8 PC isn’t new to us like Asus and Lenovo. Despite the fact this integration isn’t something new, Samsung’s innovative ideas made this possible that Google operating system and apps working along were better than other products in the industry.

You can convert between Android and Windows for the ATIVC Q, as well as the tablet. You can flip the screen up that reveals a hidden keyboard underneath. The display can also be completely parallel or perpendicular to the keyboard for ease of use, but still it would depend on how the user configures it on his own convenience.

• Display itself it is so impressive. They call it the QHD+

• Cramming 275 pixels per inch

• 13.3 inch display

• 13.9 mm thick

• 1.29 kg (approximately 3 pounds)

• And 9 hours battery life 🙂

Well that’s for the first product Samsung introduced. The Android feel doesn’t end there ladies and Gentlemen. Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy NX camera. (This is for you Photography Enthusiast)

Samsung integrates Android with cool devices, Galaxy NX and ATIV Q

It isn’t just Smartphones that could share photos over the internet, with Galaxy NX Camera you can instantly share your photos to Instagram or Facebook, that’s simply the work of Android integrated to the Camera with a 4G LTE connection just like any other Smartphone.

“You will always be connected so you can share photos and HD video anywhere and anytime,” Jean-Daniel Ayme, the VP of European Telecom Operations, said at the event. He also said it is the world’s first interchangeable lens camera with 4G LTE. (That’s just way too impressive)

• 20.3-megapixel sensor and a large

• 4.8 inch display. The camera also houses a

• 1.6GHz quad-core processor and a separate image signaling processor definitely at the top from other digital cameras.

They haven’t released the price for these awesome devices particularly in the U.S but it is estimated to cost at least $500.

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