Paravelo: Welcome to the world of Flying Bikes

Televisions, Cinemas and other movies we saw already have flying vehicles as what they expect to the upcoming generations to come, Is this really possible?

Have you ever thought of moving from a bumper to bumper traffic? Like you wanted to have a flying vehicle and just pass through the line? It all sums up with this new Invention introduced by British inventors.

Yes, you heard that right. Flight innovators; John Foden (37) and Yannick Read (42), Both of them devised a fully functional flying bicycle the Paravelo.

The Wright brothers were former bicycle mechanics so there’s a real connection between cycling and the birth of powered flight that is recaptured in the spirit of the Paravelo,” says so-creator John Foden.

The speed of the machine can travel 15 miles per hour (on the road) and 25 miles per hour (in the air) Amazing isn’t it? It could reach an altitudes up to 4,000 feet.

Paravelo: Welcome to the world of Flying Bikes
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• Can be disconnected from its trailer for inner city use.

• Docks to form a ‘para-trike’ for take-off.

• In order to fly, the bike and trailer are fastened together

• Wing is unfurled and an electric starter

• Biofuel-powered 249cc motor.

• It can stay up to 3 hours above the ground

• Moreover controls of the vehicle is like a para-glider

Basically since it was adopted from the concept of the airplane, The bike needs a clear open ground runway for the take-off. And since this vehicle is new no license is needed. But, proper training is highly recommended by  United States Powered Paragliding Association.

As this vehicles came to existence, it’s not too far that sooner or later we could see flying cars. This is just a manifestation of how great human minds are. So have your gears and start peddling.


2 thoughts on “Paravelo: Welcome to the world of Flying Bikes


    As you’re trudging along on a hike,
    A fantastical brainstorm might strike:
    Could you pedal through air,
    Wheeling here, winging there?
    Now you can, on the first flying bike.


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