Gamer’s Peek: Xbox One with No Policies, More Profit?

Gamer's Peek: Xbox One with No Policies, More Profit?

Based on some Xbox One community that had been a major topic recently from the e3 2013, Most of the consumers of Xbox One expressed their anger against the said company because of policies such as Sharing, Licensing and Internet Connection.

So based on the rants of the consumers, Microsoft decided to reverse their ideas:

• No more online connection for all disc-based games.

• 24-hour connection requirements has been dropped too.

• No limitations to using and sharing games.

“People will be able to share, trade or resell their games in the same way they do for Xbox 360 games.” – Don Mattrick

“The new Xbox One used-games policy only affects disc-based games. Titles downloaded through Xbox Live cannot be shared or resold. Also, disc-based games must have the disc inside the console to play.”

Nevertheless, People in the Gaming community still thinks that PS4 is still the top of Xbox One, Despite of all these rumors and previews all over the web; people keep on buying PS4 even Xbox One did some changes like this.

Gamers are not uneducated people, with this changes Gamers can obviously Identify that Xbox One is really trying hard to beat PS4, they may not defeat PS4 on Hardware and Software preference but maybe in profit.

Well that’s just too shallow still PS4 is at the TOP.

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