Attacked U.N Headquarters admitted by Militants on Twitter


Mogadishu, Somalia – U.N. Headquarters in Somalia Capital of Mogadishu on Wednesday has been attacked by the group Al-Qaeda.

“Approximately 14 Died, 15 Wounded, 7 Militants: 4 U.N. Employees and 3 Female Civilians were killed while others are rushed to the hospital.” – Abdikarim Hussein Guled, (Country’s interior and national security minister.)

A militant group linked to Al-Qaeda named Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility which they stated their claims in Twitter.

“One attacker blew himself up at the entrance of the U.N. compound, which is near the city’s airport.” – Police Officer Hussein Ahmed

“A suicide bomber thought of making an entrance for his comrades to give them a way to enter the compound.”

While other militants used vest while entering the compound. Even so, African and Somali Union Forces fought the oppressors.

The attacked really made a tragic impact in the area. While the rescuers are treating the wounded, Smoke of the attack are still visible from the ground.

“As for now the compound is already secured.” – AU troops, the official Twitter account of the African Union Mission to Somalia said.


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