Mind Works: Camp Photos

Overview of the City from the Campsite.
Overview of the City from the Campsite.


Want to know what I did during my Summer? The image was taken at the top of the Camp Grounds where we built our tents, from the top you can see the green environment apart from civilization, electricity, internet and all means of technology doesn’t exist in the Campsite, It is owned by our Movement and up until now we have camp activities during the Summer for Youth. (and the air is fresh from the top)

This year’s theme is all about “Celebrating Harmony with People, Culture and Creation.”

Sub-Camp Aire: Air
Sub-Camp Aire: Air

The camp we facilitated during the Summer have 4 (four) sub-camps, The youth above is under sub-cam “Aire” also known as Air, the air that we breath and transmits oxygen to our lungs and blood circulation of the body. Also “Aire” has its color which is the Yellow color and it symbolizes Integrity, Camaraderie and Solidarity as a whole.

We had a Digital Photography contest for them, so this is the photo they wanted to represent as a sub-camp which is inline to the theme.

(They have their own explanation of their photos, and so do I. How about you? What do you see?)

Sub-Camp Agua: Water
Sub-Camp Agua: Water

One of my friend is the Sub-Camp coordinator of the “Agua” or Water, He told me about this photo:

Sooner or later when the world reaches its peak in wealth and property, Water will be scarce and it won’t be far from where we are now, the money tells us that even we gather large sum of money it will be just an equivalent of a small drinking water

Made sense to me, if I am not mistaken the money summed up  just enough to pay for your 3 months bill and soon it will be worth for a drop of water. (So to speak, conserve water)

Sub-Camp Fuego: Fire
Sub-Camp Fuego: Fire

Splendid work of ideas of the Youth of Today, What they told us about the photo is:

The guy at the middle is bothered by what’s happening to the environment around him. But even so, people neglects Mother Earth and they are blind, deaf and mute on what’s happening to our poor earth

(What else did you see?)

By the way this is the Fire Team also known as “Fuego”.

Sub-Camp Tierra: Earth
Sub-Camp Tierra: Earth

For the last photo and the one who won the Photo Contest is the “Tierra” or Earth, In singe glimpse you would already know their motive and what the image is all about.

“Someday when Mother Earth is trimmed and is no longer needed by its inhabitants, A single spring from her will crawl from the ground and will give hope to Humanity as a sign of Life” ~akja

Note: We didn’t cut the trees down, they fell and some are old that already gave in. The campsite was just too large with 6 (six) hectares wide that’s why they were able to get good ideas along with Nature.

Photos may be subject to Copyright.


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