Mind Speak: Vladimir Putin vs Barack Obama

Mind Speak: Vladimir Putin disagrees to Obama's decision in Syria
Behind: Syria caused by Syrian Regime bombings.

Russian President Vladimir Putin disagrees on Obama’s decision in supplying the rebel armies in Syria and by calling them “People who eat another man’s flesh after killing them”. He said that after a wide circulated video regarding the latter’s act.

Upon knowing the issue about hitting the red line by the President of Syria, Obama decided to give arms to the rebels since the the Syrian Regime is using chemical weapons for this rebels and to think Hezbollah the known terrorist group also fights with the Syrian Regime.

We know the history of Russia and Syria years ago about the Cold war and Russia is supplying arms and weapons to Syria and they will keep supplying Syria as long as the Civil War continues.

From a reliable source, Rebels came to ambush some supplies of a convoy to an area of the Regime and saw arms labeled as property of Russian Government.

It was also said that Russia sends troops to Syria to fight for the Syrian President after reading some post in Facebook by the Syrian People, The name of the Page was “Bilad-Al-Sham” and was now deleted for an unknown reason.

Afghanistan and it’s neighboring countries particularly Middle East countries had been fighting against Russians for years, So  Syria is allegedly to be under the support of various countries to hold its position like a puppet on a string.

Russia in a non-mutual dispute against the United States disagrees. It will be United States against the Russians and other supporting countries.

If this incidents of war happened to a non-Arab country, will other countries help? When countries like Syria are being slaughtered, people act like they don’t even mind. But when Boston bombings happened, they were as if wanting to donate as much as they could.

So Let your Mind Speak.

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