Mind Speak: NSA’s true color exposed

People's Voice: NSA's true color exposed

After the blog we wrote about Edward Snowden, the brave gentlemen who spoke widely about NSA’s activity and  is reportedly missing lately in Hong Kong had made a stand and followed by his as we so-called “Successors”.

Facebook blogged regarding information request by the government for the past six months. The statement also indicated the numbers of requests made by the government to gather information about it’s citizens.

Despite the covering of the government about false accusation made by them in gathering information about the people, it is already exposed based on Facebook’s statement. And it is already a fact.

It is not only that Facebook exposed the same information against the government, Microsoft; one of the leading companies in the world also released a similar statement to the public.

Furthermore, after conveying that both companies are participants in the prism program of the government, both of them released these information for people in the web to be aware.

So let the people speak.

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6 thoughts on “Mind Speak: NSA’s true color exposed

  1. Matrix Revisited

    On June 6, 2013 a publicly unknown Gen Y male suddenly exposed a covert government program known as PRISM and ignited a global debate and firestorm not seen since the Julian Assange Wikileaks debacle that began in the last weeks of 2010. The Christian Science Monitor [June 11, 2013] wrote that Edward Snowden, 29, who worked as a contract employee for the National Security Agency (and formerly for the CIA in computer systems), is “a high school dropout turned analyst with high-level security clearance [who is now] a wanted man whose name has been Googled around the globe and face flashed on airport television screens from Washington to Hong Kong where he fled before he identified himself as the source of leaks revealing the NSA’s spying operation to electronically monitor citizens.” The Monitor furthered: “In the interest of revealing what he saw as the privacy violations of millions of Americans by their own government [Snowden] has likely forfeited his future at an age when most young adults are still shaping the arc of their lives.” Snowden told the UK’s Guardian newspaper that “he was motivated by a desire to inform the public about the ‘massive surveillance machine.'”But how much does Mr. Snowden (or hardly any of us including President Obama) really know about the fullest capacities of the NSA?

    The 2001 book by James Bamford — The Puzzle Palace: Inside the National Security Agency, America’s Most Secret Intelligence Organization — explains that the vast network of the NSA and its incredible intrusiveness has long eluded public scrutiny … and, as aired on PBS’s Newshour, in a segment called A Closer Look at the NSA, its budget dwarfs that of both the FBI and the CIA. Even more startling the 2009 book Shadow Government: How the Secret Global Elite Is Using Surveillance Against You by Grant R. Jeffrey relates that “every aspect of our lives are observed and recorded without our knowledge or consent by security cameras, surveillance of financial transactions, radio frequency chips hidden in consumer products, tracking of Internet searches, and eavesdropping of our e-mail and phone calls … but who is watching the watchers?”

    Even with such actualities realized it’s my conviction that we still are not even beginning to fathom the fullest “technological” capacity of the NSA and that there are even more astonishing revelations to come.

    What if the reality is that not even a suicide bomber can step foot on our soil without the “watchers” knowing it? And what if all NSA personnel are unknowingly chipped and monitored and their whereabouts, and even their thoughts, at all times ascertained?

    These days it’s handy for us to search such things for veracity and judge for ourselves whether or not the NSA has such technological prowess to track people by satellite by their “bioelectric field” alone. If certain internet sources are correct then NSA personnel, once they have a key reading on a person (knowing someone’s specific EMF waves as evoked EEG potentials in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range of their energy body that is as unique as one’s fingerprint or voiceprint) can track and monitor anyone on the planet regardless of distance or locale. On a broad scale and a different note it’s said that entire populations (whether Islamic or Western) can be monitored and cognition influenced by satellite. In any event it’s ludicrous to think leakers on the lam like Snowden can hide anywhere.

    Most minds at this time can only stretch so far and so nearly everyone finds it very difficult to even consider that this current NSA news story might be a made-for-TV “red herring” deliberately designed by a World Management Team to stage a smoke and mirrors show as phony as 9/11, Wikileaks, or the official version of the killing of bin Laden. Even the ACLU has been unknowingly drawn into this fray as part of the power elites’ diversionary plan to keep our awareness away from their “inner workings.”

    Until I see Mr. Snowden tell of such things as “clandestine satellite operations” and “remote neurotechnologies” will I take him to be anything other than an unwitting pawn of the military-intelligence complex.

    Richard Dean Jacob is a freelance writer and conspiracy analyst living in Santa Fe

  2. Richard Dean Jacob: It’s nice of you giving extra effort on responding to my blog. and it’s an honor for me to have you here and share your thoughts.

    There could be lots of reasons about Mr. Snowden. But if we get more information and gather the picture it would likely be someone is behind all of these incidents.

    If you don’t mind I want to hear from your about Mr. Snowden. Best Regards.


    1. Thank you .. I’m not asserting to have everything figured out for sure but the above lays out my ‘central/core thesis’ on it all – simply that Mr Snowden is being played (as are the rest of us) to ‘vector’ us away from the ‘real’ bowels of the NSA .. certainly he is well-meaning and deserves some of the praise he is getting .. I’m not claiming to have any inside details about Edward Snowden but I would really like to see a lot more people at least be inquisitive about how I see this whole affair .

      1. Certainly. I am on him so far, getting some information and updating the public. So to speak, if you have any information about Mr. Snowden kindly tell us.

        If you have your own blog/site I am more happy to read some pages. Best Regards

      2. Your reply here sounds a bit odd .. I’m just a part-time freelance writer – as said I have no info on this guy Snowden .. I said everything about him that I feel to be obvious (except that he could be ‘programmed’) .. who knows?

      3. Yeah. Everything is possible if you’re a puppet. I have something in Mind, Maybe I could add it up later. I myself also have theories. Anyway, Thanks for the Thoughts Sir Richard Dean Jacob

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