How hashtag works on Facebook


Credits to Dailymail

Hey Facebook users from all-over the world, Facebook is now introducing Hashtags to be used in your Facebook post. Yes, you heard that right. The “#” followed by the word you are using in Twitter that announces the latest twitter trends will soon be used in your Facebook.

How do hashtags works? It’s pretty simple:

Example you are watching the NBA Finals and you would like to share something on your Facebook account regarding the game like “Tony Parker never missed a shot #NBAFinals” or “Love the Weather #LoveGrills“.

And hashtags can be clicked and you will be updated on what’s the latest and why do people talk about it and so you will updated (even when you are inside your cave or lying on your favorite bath tub).

Or you can just simply go to your Facebook’s homepage and update the world what you’re doing right at the very moment, if you are playing CandyCrush then you can update them #LoveCandyCrush, Simple as that.

See you in Facebook Hastags.


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