Gamer’s Peek: Inside Xbox One vs. PS4, Oh wait a hundred dollar less

Playstation 4 controller sensor
Playstation 4 controller sensor

The new era of Gaming Evolution has finally come!

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During the E3 Conference for the gaming world and entertainment room wars Consoles gave a great impression to their respective audience, Presented consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4 both have real object environment to which players became hungry for its release soon.

But for now, rumors had it that Playstation 4 is killing Xbox One.

Feature PlayStation 4 Xbox One Wii U
Price $399.99 [1] $499.99 $349.99 / 299.99
Optical Drive Blu-ray/DVD [2] Blu-ray/DVD [3] 25GB Optical Disc (Proprietary)
Game DVR Yes [4] Yes [5] No
RAM 8GB GDDR5[6] 8GB DDR3 [7] 2GB DDR3 [8]
CPU Single-chip x86 AMD “Jaguar” processor, 8 cores [9] 8 Core Microsoft custom CPU[10] Multi-Core PowerPC “Espresso” CPU [11]
Storage 500 GB Hard Drive [12] 500 GB Hard Drive [13] 8GB or 32GB Flash
External Storage TBA Yes, USB [14] Yes, USB
Cloud Storage Yes [15] Yes [16] No
Mandatory Game Installs No [17] Yes [18] No
Required Internet Connection No [19] Yes [20] No
Used Game Fee No [21] Yes [22] No
Backwards Compatibility None [23] None [24] Yes, Wii
Cross Game Chat Yes [25] Yes [26] No
Motion Control DualShock 4, PlayStation 4 Eye(not included), PlayStation Move(not included) Kinect 2 Wii Remote, Wii U GamePad (included)
Second Screen Vita (not included) [27] SmartGlass (not included) [28] Wii U GamePad (included)
Voice Commands TBA Yes [29] No
Subscription Service PlayStation Plus [30] Xbox Live [31] No
USB USB 3.0 [32] USB 3.0 [33] USB 2.0
Live Streaming Yes Yes No
Reputation Preservation Trophies will be ported Achievements will be ported[34] N/A
Web Connection Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n[35] Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi [36] IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, LAN via USB dongle
BlueTooth Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)[37] No* Bluetooth Support [38]
A/V Hookups HDMI (4K Support [39]) , Analog (Component, RCA), Optical output[40] HDMI input and output (4K support), Optical output[41] HDMI out, Component/ Composite out
Region Locked No Yes [42] Yes

Table credit to: IGN

Price: Playstation 4 is less a hundred dollars compared to Xbox One. We as gamer have the frugality of moving to a cheaper console but still could give us that gaming experience which real world can’t provide and yes you can buy more with a hundred dollar. (That’s just for the price)

I will leave same features and nothing much to compare if both consoles are similar. Let’s proceed to the next.

RAM: Playstation 4 uses GDDR5 which is also used in PC Video cards that optimizes the game and give players that awesome environment as if they are in a real-world. (2 points for PS4)

CPU: Both the systems have 8 Core CPU which is nice, but the Microsoft one is a custom CPU, and Sony has gone with stock Jaguar cores with slight modification.” –Gamechup

Xbox One
Xbox One

Internet: “Xbox One: Ethernet, three different 802.11n radios (for connecting to controller and other devices), WiFi Direct” while “PS4: Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)”

“Connectivity-wise, the PS4 will not regularly connect to the internet to check on your game licenses, and you will be able to use your console offline for as long as you want.” – extremetech

You would rather play more and more games as it wont regularly check your license and we know that it’s really disturbing when you want to play and you just can’t.

“This is in stark contrast to the Xbox One’s 24-hour check-in requirement.”

Then if that’s the case Playstation 4 is for you pal. Or you would rather sit in a corner inside the cave and draw sticks.

So much for the comparisons, the market demand for PS4 is probably higher than Xbox One as pricing wise is concern, CPU, Licensing checks and to mention again the hundred dollar. But we can’t just set Xbox One aside, while Sony is working on PS4, Xbox One is busy working on games with a much feel to their consumers needs. It’s up to you to decide on what console you are comfortable with. We also know that PS4 is still hiding under its sleeves for some features on the release, and it’s killing Xbox One.

Pre-Orders of Xbox One, PS4 and Games: here


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7 thoughts on “Gamer’s Peek: Inside Xbox One vs. PS4, Oh wait a hundred dollar less

  1. Thanks for this post – helped me confirm that PS4 is the way to go (for me anyways!)

    1. I am happy that my blog helped you in some way and I really appreciated your effort in posting your comments, perhaps your having second thoughts regarding both consoles? You could share this site to your friends if they have debates which console is better. Thanks again =)

      P.S. Nice Screen Name =) Best Regards

  2. Have to agree with the consensus. I am an Xbox User at present (i have had PS2/3’s in the past) and cant believe the own goals XBone has scored. Yes all the bells and whistles look good (kinect / all in one media etc, etc) but thats all it is, most are not going to be bothered by that, im certainly not. DRM is a disaster, I dont keep a library of games, I keep the ones I love and sell the others on to discount my next purchase as I suspect do many. I dont want it to connect every 24hrs, what If the net is down or I move house, then I cant even play in offline mode for something I have paid maybe £50 for. AND the price is a deal winner for me, XBone will say that the kinect / media stuff justifies the increase in price which is probably true, but only if you want it. PS4 all the way for me, Microsoft are going to have to do some serious, embarrassing back tracking to win over the majority I think.

    1. Very Well said Sir Funky Monkey, and we as a gamer we are tend to play as long as we want that’s just 1st and 2nd come to think of it why are we going to have it more sophisticated like Kinect were in fact what we want is a more realistic and awesome environmental feel. They have all the DRM and it is a positive for me, but how about the what we call “User Satisfaction”? It’s really hard when you are a developer not a gamer. Because you just simply can’t understand how a gamer feels like. =(

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