Barack Obama willing to supply rebels in Syria

Syrian people bowing down in prostration to their Syrian President
Syrian people bowing down in prostration to their Syrian President.

Syria has always been a place for lovely citizens and home of civilization centuries ago, not until the their Syrian president Bashar started an all out war against Muslims as well as its citizens.

Media as we all know is not accurate at times when editing and deceiving is their purpose, they can always announce and create a new story that U.S Soldiers kill innocent lives or President Barack Obama have a secret agenda, and the Media can do all this crazy stuff.

Going back, Syrian President allegedly closed all the Media stations except for his own Media broadcast in which he can manipulate the news and could turn black into white. While the image shows that some of the Syrian people who are loyal to their president took him as a God/Deity.

And it’s been decades of agony to the people of Syria who is still suffering right at this moment in the hands of their president, Meanwhile in CNNPresident Barack Obama was inching closer to signing off on arming moderate rebel units that had been vetted.

“The interagency discussions come as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has made gains against the opposition in the past few weeks,”

And in relation to that Hezbollah is fighting in behalf of the Syrian Regime, the known Hezbollah had been a mastermind of some terror happened years ago.

With the help of the U.S to overthrow Syrian President and to have a post-Bashar administration the U.S Government is closing near.

“The United States will continue to look for ways to strengthen the capabilities of the Syrian opposition, though we have no new announcements at this time.”

More than 70,000 Syrians — most of them civilians — have been killed in the two-year conflict, according to the United Nations.

In my information from a reliable source the numbers of Syrian people who were killed was huge and some of them weren’t able to go to Syria because of the conflicts.

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